Radio This Weekend – Diamonds, Opium, And Nazi Doctors in Our Midst!

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  • Saturday 7PM EST – Join Liam as he tells true stories from life as it’s lived. Liam recounts a chance meeting with a certain doctor Chupacabra, (or, perhaps “Chopra”), now on the road, selling his book and the FDA-approved Nazi medicine* that we’re all supposed to love and trust…Dr. Chupacabra wants you to hate the vitamin industry, because, he feels that all vitamins are useless! Especially Vitamin C! But he wants you to take more Lipitor, get more vaccination, and never trust anything you read online – except him!

But vaccines damage and kill, Vitamin C cures….so what is Dr. Chupacabra really selling? Have a look at: The Vitamin C Foundation. Here Vitamin C and Cancer Studies 1 | 2 and Politics. And see notes below in comments.

* “Nazi medicine” is what happens when fraudulent, orthodox dogmatic science is used to bully, harm, and even kill people.

  • Monday 6-7PM EST – Journalist Terry Michael and activist Elizabeth Ely join Liam in telling stories about why liberals are so bloody stupid (when it comes to understanding the predatory and deceitful AIDS industry). Refreshments will be served! See you there… | HIV Testing Section at RTB



  1. Dr. Chopra! What a bumbler! What a fraud! What a dangerous phony!!

    Here’s what the mainstream is saying, given just a brief glance at Vit. C:

    High-dose vitamin C (ascorbic acid) therapy in the treatment of patients with advanced cancer.

    Emerging evidence indicates that ascorbate in cancer treatment deserves re-examination. As research results concerning ascorbate pharmacokinetics and its mechanisms of action against tumor cells have been published, and as evidence from case studies has continued to mount that ascorbate therapy could be effective if the right protocols were used, interest among physicians and scientists has increased. In this review, high-dose vitamin C therapy in cancer treatment is re-evaluated.
    PMID: 19414313 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

    High dose concentration administration of ascorbic acid inhibits tumor growth in BALB/C mice implanted with sarcoma 180 cancer cells via the restriction of angiogenesis.

    To test the carcinostatic effects of ascorbic acid, we challenged the mice of seven experimental groups with 1.7 x 10(-4) mol high dose concentration ascorbic acid after intraperitoneal administrating them with sarcoma S-180 cells. The survival rate was increased by 20% in the group that received high dose concentration ascorbic acid, compared to the control. The highest survival rate was observed in the group in which 1.7 x 10(-4) mol ascorbic acid had been continuously injected before and after the induction of cancer cells, rather than just after the induction of cancer cells. The expression of three angiogenesis-related genes was inhibited by 0.3 times in bFGF, 7 times in VEGF and 4 times in MMP2 of the groups with higher survival rates. Biopsy Results, gene expression studies, and wound healing analysis in vivo and in vitro suggested that the carcinostatic effect induced by high dose concentration ascorbic acid occurred through inhibition of angiogenesis.
    PMID: 19671184 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]PMCID: PMC2732919Free PMC Article

    Ascorbate inhibition of angiogenesis in aortic rings ex vivo and subcutaneous Matrigel plugs in vivo.

    BACKGROUND: Angiogenesis is critical to tumor growth and is therefore a potential target for cancer therapy. As many current inhibitors of angiogenesis exhibit host toxicity, natural alternatives are needed. At millimolar concentrations, ascorbate (vitamin C) inhibits migration and tubule formation by mature endothelial cells and endothelial progenitors. In the present study, we examined the effects of ascorbate, at levels relevant during intravenous infusion therapy, on angiogenesis using an ex vivo an in vivo assay.
    METHODS: Two assays were used to evaluate effect of high-doses ascorbic acid on angiogenesis: ex vivo rat aortic ring explant assay in Matrigel matrices and in vivo Matrigel plug assay. In aortic rings, we quantified microvessel growth, branching and vessel regression under different treatment conditions. In murine angiogenesis assay, male C57 mice 6-8 weeks old were treated by high-dose ascorbic acid and the number of microvessels was analyzed by histological method. To characterize the population of cells that formed capillary network and microvessels, the sections were stained by CD34 and CD31 antibodies.

    RESULTS: Results show that sprouting of endothelial tubules from aortic rings was reduced in a concentration-dependent fashion by ascorbate: while controls roughly tripled sprout densities during the study, ascorbate (1 mg/mL, 5.5 mM) actually reduced sprout density. In vivo, the ability of mice to vascularize subcutaneously implanted Matrigel plug was diminished if the mice were treated with 430 mg/kg vitamin C: numbers of vessels, and vessel densities, in plugs from treated mice were roughly 30% less than those in plugs from untreated mice.

    CONCLUSIONS: We conclude that the inhibition of angiogenesis by ascorbate suggested in vitro is confirmed in vivo, and that angiogenesis inhibition may be one mechanism by which intravenous ascorbate therapy shows efficacy in animal experiments and clinical case studies.

    High dose of ascorbic acid induces cell death in mesothelioma cells.

    Malignant mesothelioma is an asbestos-related fatal disease with no effective cure. Recently, high dose of ascorbate in cancer treatment has been reexamined. We studied whether high dose of ascorbic acid induced cell death of four human mesothelioma cell lines.

    High dose of ascorbic acid induced cell death of all mesothelioma cell lines in a dose-dependent manner. We further clarified the cell killing mechanism that ascorbic acid induced reactive oxygen species and impaired mitochondrial membrane potential.

    In vivo experiment, intravenous administration of ascorbic acid significantly decreased the growth rate of mesothelioma tumor inoculated in mice. These data suggest that ascorbic acid may have benefits for patients with mesothelioma.

    Ascorbate induces autophagy in pancreatic cancer.

    Ascorbate (ascorbic acid, vitamin C) is one of the early, unorthodox treatments for cancer. The evidence upon which people base the use of ascorbate in cancer treatment falls into two categories: clinical data on dose concentration relationships, and laboratory data describing potential cell toxicity with high concentrations of ascorbate in vitro. Clinical data show that when ascorbate is given orally, fasting plasma concentrations are tightly controlled by decreased absorption, increased urine excretion, and reduced ascorbate bioavailability.

    In contrast, when ascorbate is administered intravenously, concentrations in the millimolar level are achieved. Thus, it is clear that intravenous administration of ascorbate can yield very high plasma levels, while oral treatment does not.

    Vitamin C: intravenous use by complementary and alternative medicine practitioners and adverse effects.

    CONCLUSIONS: High dose IV vitamin C is in unexpectedly wide use by CAM practitioners. Other than the known complications of IV vitamin C in those with renal impairment or glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, high dose intravenous vitamin C appears to be remarkably safe. Physicians should inquire about IV vitamin C use in patients with cancer, chronic, untreatable, or intractable conditions and be observant of unexpected harm, drug interactions, or benefit.

  2. I know all about Nazi medicine. I had FIVE doctors let me bleed nearly to death, until I ended up with a blood transfusion, all because I refuse to take certain medications.

    • Tell it, Karri. They can get away with this only as long as the victims are invisible. I applaud your courage in continuing to talk about it.

      And let’s not forget the Incarnation Children’s Center scandal when talking about “Nazi doctors.” They were — and are — actually testing HIV drugs on kids at that place. See and Liam Scheff’s own investigation.

      You gotta love their explanation about why they were doing it: Apparently, there were no “antiretroviral” drugs tested on kids before, just on adults. So what did the tests on, and continuing clinical experience of, adults already conclude?

      The drugs were toxic.

  3. I have a Midwest family of seven – law-abiding tax-paying citizens – dad writes, performs and sells gospel music. Child services is trying to take their children away from them because the parents refuse to administer carcinogenic drugs to their children. Another client was awakened at 10PM from his bed and ordered by health department officials to take an HIV test. They’re now charging this law-abiding youth group volunteer with exposing others to HIV. OMSJ has MANY cases like these. As former USMC (six years) and retired LAPD (20 years), I’m ashamed that my country behaves like this to conceal a lie.

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