Radio This Weekend: What is AIDS? What is Space? What the…??

Join Liam Scheff and guests for this weekend’s radio-marathon!

Listen live or download MP3 for later, on the Intel Hub.

Toll Free Call In Number: 1 (877) 598-8549 or 646-727-3387.

  • Sunday 2PM – “What is AIDS?” Cracking the conspiracy – Liam fields questions from special guest Sandy Fleming from UFONaut, about the diagnosis, the cover-up, and the solutions to the world’s biggest medical scandal.
  • Monday 2PM EST – “Nazi Panic Attack!” How to deal with the government’s natural inclination toward screaming panic during the upcoming economic shocks, and how to avoid the FEMA camps, or make the best of it…Join Liam for an open line segment – call in with your questions and comments. 1 (877) 598-8549 or 646-727-3387 | HIV Testing Section at RTB


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