Global Warming is a Fraudulent Science Because…

Global warming is a fraudulent science, not because weather patterns do or don’t shift or change, but because ‘scientists’ have no clue as to how large weather patterns and phenomena, including major shifts over time, are formed.

They regard the Earth as a stand-alone unit; but Earth is in the solar electric circuit, and affected in large measure by the ion (current) flow of the sun, and the larger galactic circuit. Current weather models involve only hot and cold ‘pressured’ air, but no electrical input. Big difference.

Electric Weather

Take a little time and familiarize yourself with the overarching concept: We are in an electric circuit. Strong and weak electrical discharge form major weather patterns. They are equilibrations of charge. That CO2 and other molecules play a role is likely, but they are not the major engine of weather phenomena.

We have tornadoes on Mars, where there is no ‘hot and cold, wet and dry’ air to contend with. Why do they arise? Because they are electrical discharge phenomena.

The ‘scientists’ now flirting (or making) airborne deposits of metals into the sky (as is contended by many) to ‘stop global warming,’ are simply poisoning the ground below.

Electric Weather Phenomena Video

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