How Life Came to Be – My Rough Draft

I’m jotting this down, so that when it gets stolen, and somebody wins a Nobel prize for theoretical physics, or some such thing, you’ll be able to point back and say, “Oh yeah, wasn’t Liam saying something about that?” This comes about over years, with a great debt owed to the following:

Rupert Sheldrake, who pointed out the problems with Darwinism, and offered a ‘field theory’ of morphogenesis.

Wal Thornhill and the group, who made it clear and apparent that the universe is electric, that stars are electric, that they fission and spit out gas giants (or red and brown ‘dwarf stars,’ which in turn fission and spit out (or expel) rocky planetoids).

So, in a few words, a rough draft of my major hypothesis.

How life happens

People, especially Christians and Darwinians, love to argue about how life came to be.

Christians: The all-powerful Creator did it.

Darwinians: It was all dumb luck, there is nothing creative about it.

It’s not difficult to see that these two emerge from one philosophical argument. They are the same notion in opposition, on a single coin – A coin minted by religious literalism.

One embraces the universe as alive, in a sense, but also “created” or set into motion, in a describable moment. The other rejects the idea that “creativity” or the presence of “mind” existed at all. But, they accept and in fact, rename, that ‘describable moment,’ from “Genesis,” to “The Big Bang.”

These are two views of the same mythic description.

In review, Christians are more correct, but wrong in the details – that is, they embrace a literal reading of some rather confusing texts, to guide them through their understanding of what a ‘creator’ must be. And literal reading of myth is never a good idea.

The Darwinians have simply inverted the Christian theme, ie: “We don’t believe in your idea of God; therefore there is nothing creative about the universe. It’s all ‘random chance, happenstance and dumb luck. Flip of a coin, and so much pollution, etc.”

All of these notions, though – ‘chance, randomness, coin flips,’ etc, are all based on a human, anthropomorphic projection or understanding of life. That is, before you can have a ‘coin flip,’ you’ve got to have:

1. A Universe
2. A solar system
3. Gravity
4. Life
5. People.
6. A mint that produces flippable coins.
7. And hopefully, some clothing for the coin flipper. And everything that attends. Food, industry, society, machinery, bureaucracy, corruption, media, and socks.

So, what is ‘random’ about a ‘coin flip?’

If you think I’m missing the point, and that all of what they offer is “analogy,” then let me correct you, and them, and explain that analogy is a construct of mind. And mind is what Darwinians fudge about the margins trying to erase.

But, it’s no good, and even they’ve had to give in to “neo-Lamarkism.” ie, the thing is smarter than we are, and is so actively. So say the new reports, “Darwinism” is dead. (And, “long live Darwinism.” – ie, we were wrong! But we remain right!)

But, never mind the politics. That’s short-term stuff. The universe is intelligent, it is thinking – it is thinking us. Clever semantic games about ‘accident’ and ‘chance’ are only that. So, let’s get away from either worshiping Christian literalism – or making a religion of rejecting it, as the Darwinians do.

The Universe is Alive

Evolutionary theory is moribund, because it does not understand what the universe is, and so cannot see the larger connecting forces, or energetic sources.They believe in Newton’s dead, wind-up universe – a gravity-only device, run like clockwork.

But that’s not what the universe is. (Well, what is it, you grumble!). It’s electric – electromagnetic, in fact.

The universe is an electrified plasma. Plasma is a field of charge-separated particles. That is, atoms in which electrons have left, leaving a positive core (a positive ion), and in which the freed electrons form a negative ion.

In a charged plasma, magnetism and electricity are king and queen. Movement is constant, flux is the rule, and there are patterns that follow the energetic pathways of ‘plasma’, the fourth, (or really, first, by volume), state of matter.

The patterns of plasma are seen in all natural phenomena: They are helical, fractal, tubule, branching, and cellular.

Electromagnetic (EM) current flows in sheets, and in winding helices, called ‘Birkeland currents.” These wind around each other, attracting closer and closer, and scavenging or drawing in more material and energy.

They don’t collapse into one undifferentiated clump because EM currents, unlike gravity, Repel, as well as Attract. They repel at a near point, and attract from a across great distance.

– Plasma structures in space and around planets

Genesis or Big Bang?

Some people imagine that they can put a date on the beginning of time. I am not one of those people. I think we have to accept that it is simply not in our ability to see such an event. We witness, in the universe, an endless and growing system of filaments, each formed from millions of galaxies, in a single network, with uncountable stars formed in galactic forges. The universe, as far as we know and can tell, has always been. And we have as much chance as unraveling the “how” of its existence, as an ant has of explaining the origins of the human species to an owl. Or, worse. I’d put my money on the ant, before we ever come up with an answer.

You may find this to be a flaw in the theory – an unknown and unknowable non-variable. A given. The universe “is.” I think that is more realistic than saying “nothing exploded, or, er, um… expanded.” And more honest than a literal reading of “God said ‘turn on the switch,’ and so the switch was turned on – 6,000 years ago!”

Let’s leave metaphor behind as much as possible. I accept that the universe is, and that its origins are unknowable. I’m willing to call it, ‘eternal’ from our point of view. What powers it is out of our reach to know or explain. But it is powered, of that there can be no doubt.

How Life Comes From All Of It – My Hypothesis:

Let’s review. The universe is not dead, quiet, empty, cold and silent. It is a living, breathing, pulsing star forge and inter-galaxial network of current. We have electromagnetic ropes millions of light years long; we have a cellular, living and breathing shape and nature to the ever-growing, threaded, filamentary universe. Information, then, is carried with ease, everywhere, all the time.

I consider, in loose terms, the entire project to be a carrier of a kind of digital signal. I think that the signal ‘unwinds’ or manifests, in the rather holographic world of water. That is, through the prism of H2O, this digital signal unravels, and expresses itself.

That signal is, in a real sense, timeless, or as eternal as the universe, carrying the impressions or information from the eternity of expression. Upon winding into, through and around a ‘new world,’ – a warm and, here’s the most important bit – WET – rocky planet in the anode glow of a friendly star, that signal is split into variety, by the nature of the liquid. The liquid doesn’t have to be water; I’m sure many liquid states would do.

The ordered and creative formation of matter from energy is first evidenced in the fractaline, helical formation of the elements, which express or manifest in crystalline patterns. These, binding with liquid, driven by the electrical circuit of the universe, give rise to hybrids; joint ventures between a variety of elements. These, in turn, binding with or forming a shell around or vessels holding liquid, H2O on Earth, form mechanisms to “digest” electricity; often by first re-routing electricity into ion borrowing and lending machines.

None of these forms or patterns originated on any given planet. The pattern of formation is inherent in the EM signal, manifested in varieties depending on environment.

No Accidents. No Pure Invention. Only Innovation

Darwinism has it that life originates by a bizarre series of universal gaffs, from the creation of a duck’s webbed feet to the origin of the universe itself – it’s all a big mistake.

Christian or Biblical Creationism believes that the universe is intentional, and that it was created in a particular moment, by a particular God, and that its creation is unique.

What I’ll call “electric evolution” argues a very different concept. Life is no accident; it is endemic. It is not unique, and was not a one time creation by a Prime Mover; it is an eternal, energetic process, some of whose mechanisms can be deciphered, analyzed and modeled.

Life doesn’t “evolve” as much as it “unfolds.” It traces patterns in the embedded signal, but makes alterations based on local topography, geography, geology, chemical and physical environment.

It does this with respect to the gain and loss of material, through time; access to energy and building material; the structure and nature of those available materials on any given planet; the energy provided by the local star; and the change in local environments, over time.

That is, all of Darwinism is wrong – life does not accidentally come into place. It does so willfully, or, by its nature. But neither is it ‘created’ in a model form, as Christians, and even those seeking a ‘Platonic ideal’ might imagine. It comes into being, with reference to all that has preceded, or that is contemporary with it, but with respect to the particular matrices (minerals, crystalline patterns, liquid sources) on the wet rock in question.

There will always be similarities in all life forms. The desire for growth will always express itself in similar form; so will the need or desire for locomotion create analogous forms, and limbs; analogous over distance, inexplicable by Darwinian material reductionists.

Life unfolds in a building process, from small to large, over time, in increasing complexity and diversity. But, an irreducible complexity is present at the outset, because life doesn’t start from nothing; nor does it start ‘stupidly,’ or by accident. Life is never, ever a “simple” structure.

A single-celled organism is more complex than a fighter jet. The “simplest” creature is beyond our ability to design and manufacture as a machine run on batteries.

But, we will never know the origin of the code. We can only study and witness its unfolding.


This theory is untestable in many places; we can’t visit other planets. But we can observe how and where life occurs here, and we can see the analogous forms repeated throughout all that exists, over and over and over again.

If we take the universal energy source as a given, then do we also take as given the collection of elements? If matter is already in place, and directed by EM currents, then how is EM energy directed and divided in a liquid? What is the nature of water? Can this ‘prism-ing’ concept be tested?

Another limitation for further study: I can’t tell precisely where the signal is embedded, or how precisely it is un-encoded from its carrier wave, or energy source. If research energy were directed toward this venture, we might spot that signal. Or, we might find it is everywhere, and does, as I contend, ‘unravel’ in a liquid prism. Perhaps the signal IS the energy that we view as the EM force. As sunlight, as all of it.

Perhaps the energy flow itself simply unravels and, in the prism/holographic state of water/liquid, becomes that driving, energetic, ever-altering re-creation of what we call life.

But, the whole thing is alive, of course. That’s the point…

In Summary

The universe is electrical, and from our perspective, infinite. We cannot spot the beginning or end. We can only see local phenomena in a galactic system. Life is the expression of the digitally-encoding band of EM energy, or thought, or creativity, through the prism of liquid, on a wet, warm, rocky planet in the anode glow of a friendly (suitably stable) star.

Life occurs everywhere that these conditions are met, and unfolds over time, through a repeated process of “building up” from the simple, to the complex, by re-using form over and over again, in what Rupert Sheldrake describes as “nested hierarchies.”

I predict that those needing a “beginning” to feel secure in understanding how life “evolve” (or really “unfolds”) will be perpetually out of luck; or worse, writing new myths to deal with their insecurity and need for a narrative.

For your consideration. The Nobel committee can send me a check in advance, for whatever turns out to be entirely correct.



  1. Wow! Just when I thought I need something out of this world, something original and written purely out of intuition, I know it’s from Scheff, haha!!
    “life is no accident, it is endemic”.

    “life is eternal.. life doesn’t start from nothing; Life is never, ever a “simple” structure. Single-celled organism is more complex than a fighter jet.” I will be the first to cite these phrases and many from here when needed. 

    Will we ever get the “answer” about mystery of life? Given that man always drift to explore the unknown, we will eventually get closer to understand the architecture of our home, our universe, but not one theory will exist to satisfy all thinking minds, I think. As we live and reborn, so will theories deconstruct and construct itself, in its most mature form where all flaws of other theories be ridden away, we may be left with the grand theory of “????”. Anyway, my prediction is finding the answer of the nature of all aspects of our universe is not as difficult if compared to try to understand the “meaning” of the existence of life.

    That is to say, to rephrase the topic from “How life came to be?” to “Why life comes to be?” 

    Even if it’s possible to know the mechanisms of how life comes about in its entirety, this may not give the slightest hint of why you, me, everybody on earth today, the cow, the bee to be ALIVE. That’s where I find this cool…“life occurs everywhere “these conditions” are met…”. 

    What are the collective  conditions that make it possible say for example, “you” to “brim alive”? What were the conditions that u have met?

    I am sorry if my post is way-out of topic, just my honest view. Anyway, love the spark u give to the discussion on “life”. The physics part of prism and liquid is going to take me sometime to go over as a biologist. 

    Lastly, u mentioned life is an “electrical evolution”, does  your  thought makes u a mechanist or a vitalist? Or is there something more fitting for yourself?

  2. “That is, all of Darwinism is wrong – life does not accidentally come into place”

    This is hilarious on so many levels. Darwin’s work explains the origins of species, not life. Half your argument is a giant strawman. Congratulations.

    • How do you explain how life works without bothering to explain how life works? Thanks for the straw, man.

  3. I like most of what you are saying, but I do have a problem with one part, in which you say that life does not happen by accident, but happens willfully, and is not created like those seeking the Platonic Ideals might imagine. Actually, I would think that the Platonic Ideal philosophy is closest to the notion that life “unfolds”, and this is in fact what was once taught around the world, in mystic traditions (which actually is what has been missing from Christian theology and scientific materialism).

    And you say that life comes into being through particular matrices, like minerals and crystalline structures, but this might in fact be the manifestation of the process through which the Platonic Ideals become solid or substantial. And it could also be argued that the thoughts that humans “imagine” are themselves aspects of the Platonic Ideals or Archetypes, becoming real through our thought processes. It’s certainly not averse to the idea of the universe evolving in the sense of unfolding what exists within through a process of becoming without. That way the idea that the universe or life happens or comes into being “willfully” makes perfect “sense” (or nonsense, depending on how you look at it). Then it might even be possible to trace the electromagnetic process to it’s source, which really isn’t physical at all, but permeates all that is physical. This seems much more reasonable and logical to me than saying that it just happens willfully through the electromagnetic process of creating – or coming into being, or manifesting. Seeking a Mind behind that process or unfolding has been the object of seeking for thinkers for millions of years; and yes, people knew about electromagnetism millions of years ago. Maybe they didn’t know exactly how it worked, or may have perceived it as the actions or force of some god, but that doesn’t make them any more ignorant. In fact, they were probably much more connected to it then than just about anyone today. People eons ago FELT themselves to be an integral part of nature-the universe, so it probably would have been natural to seek out a source for it.

    “But, we will never know the origin of the code. We can only study and witness its unfolding.” Studying the writings of some high-level physicists, you can see that many of them were card carrying mystics. They DID perceive or intuit that there was an origin to life and all of the processes that brought it into existence. Not all of them were believers in the big bang theory. They believed there was a non-physical source to the code maker (universal Mind), which is not something apart and divorced from physical phenomena. It permeates it all; from stars to the most subtle thoughts we can think and conceive. They are not separate. That is the illusion; thinking they are, and creating a worldview based on that illusion.

  4. I listened to one of your podcasts and very much agree with you on some topics. So, I really very badly would like to understand what the hell you are talking about in this article. I am reasonably scientifically literate, and this reads like a bunch of word salad to me. I guess I’m just too locked into the paradigm of the “official” story to even have the faintest idea what you mean…..or something.

    • Hi Chris,

      Please read my book – chapters 8, 9, 10 and 11 – you’ll get a better idea of what I mean.

      You’ve got to look at plasma physics and electric universe stuff first..

      Here’s my argument: the universe is demonstrably fractaline; it’s a fractal; it’s a mind; it’s creative within the boundaries of electromagnetic nested hierarchies;

      Information isn’t held in one place; it’s held in all places.

      Life emerges not by accident, but as the unfurling of the constant signal of the mind/soul/math/jazz being – and lands in a fertile field – a wet, rocky planet in the anode glow of a star… and …

      It unfurls. Not evolves; but unrolls and borrows from every experience in the database.


      “We are a story-telling, myth-making and tool-making tribal species. All expected accidents and misunderstandings follow…” – Liam

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