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The Grand Chessboard

Are you anxious about Egypt? About the IMF announcing that the US Dollar is yesterday’s currency?

Are you still glad that “we” invaded, destroyed and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan. Did you just KNOW it would go well?

Or, were you among the tens of millions in the streets saying, “This is not going to go well. We don’t invade sovereign nations. We are going to create blowback and instability like we’ve never seen. And it’s going to cost us everything.”

Hm. Can’t remember. One of the two.

Oh yeah… I wrote it down.

I apparently said:

This confused logic is okay with the Imperial Left, who doesn’t care about Bush’s whacked-out religious and personal ideologies. They’re too busy imagining a Middle East governed from Washington and what that will mean for our economy.

But this dream is pure delusion. Managing a warring scattering of unconfederated tribes will keep military on the ground and dying interminably. Even if the US manages to forge a Middle Eastern empire, we’ll still lose (and lose more than we have already). Oil is a finite resource.

I have a feeling the American public will need to experience either the effects of a prolonged Middle Eastern war or the privations of a cracked and broken economy before they start wringing their hands about the wisdom of empire-building.

Wow! Neat. Do I get a prize? A get-out-of-hell card?

No… I remember now. Those of us who protested the war were ridiculed and ignored. Right! Mocked and belittled and spit upon and called Godless communists, and more colorful terms.

It wasn’t that we simple played out the scenario two steps ahead. No, couldn’t have been that. We “hated America.” And that’s why we weren’t in favor of endless war in the Middle East….

What is irritating is hearing the right wing talk show hosts (those I tune in to), scream about the instability in Egypt, and the lack of direction of US foreign policy regarding the Middle East.

They were screaming for blood and “democratization” of Iraq, for God knows what reason, and to render Afghanistan into a ‘parking lot.’ And now they want intelligent Middle Eastern policy?

Here it is:

Get out of the Middle East, get a working immigration policy that values the people who are HERE more than the people who are newly arriving; and learn to deal with a changing energy infrastructure at home.

That means localizing energy production, breaking up massive grids, handing over more power and control to individual States and communities to determine what works for them. And getting the Federal Gov’t out of health care and wealth management.

But, I predict hat the US Gov’t will increase its intrusion into the lives of Americans, as we all get poorer and more anxious. I predict that more of us will stand up in opposition, too.

I predict, as can anyone paying attention, that the US Military, (or Blackwater) will remain in Iraq and guard the passage of oil to the Gulf, as long as there is sufficient oil to guard. The powers-that-be won’t want it in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. It would’ve been nice if they’d thought one step ahead of “mission accomplished.”

The Right Wing certainly tarred and feathered you if you weren’t on the “kill ’em all – er… bring ‘democracy’ to Iraq” paddywagon. And the Left certainly jumped in for the ride to insanity.

Bankster gangster neo-Cons. And crack-head coward shitbag neo-Libs. They fooled a lot of milder citizens and politicians into the whole delusional undertaking.

The Grand Chessboard. Right.

Plant a garden. Get a gun license. Build your local community. Get out of desert cities. Those are going to dry up. Learn or develop skills that are useful in communities – building, repair, gardening, cooking, childcare, sewing, computer and electrical repair… We’re going to be relying on each other more than we have in a long, long time.

Next Weekend:

Treating Vaccine Damage. Liam welcomes special guest April Boden, mother of a vaccine-damaged child, and author of Aydan’s Road to Recovery. Are there solutions and treatments that can help reverse vaccine damage?



  1. Agreed, except . . . well, for Afghanistan. I sure don’t remember liberals in New York getting behind the invasion of Iraq. In fact, we defied our own city government by showing up a million strong at a demonstration the city refused to grant a full permit to.

    But Afghanistan. Wow, what a story there. A whole country of liberals were fooled into thinking it was all about sending little girls to school — something that liberals had been whipped into a froth about for a few years and was just lying there as an issue to exploit. They did that school thing, of course. What the heck, it didn’t cost much more to deliver on that promise. But this is a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, apparently, even if one buys the whole story about 19 guys from the Middle East hijacking planes with box cutters.

    Does anyone remember the first New York Times pictures from the invasion of Kabul? A guy smiling as he walked from a story with a VCR, apparently under the delusion that he had a place to plug that thing in.

    When Bush said he was going to defend “our American way of life,” he was talking about the American way of living by one’s ideological compass and not seeing much else. And that’s pretty easy to manipulate.

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