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  • Saturday 2PM EST: Treating Vaccine Damage. Liam welcomes special guest April Boden, mother of a vaccine-damaged child, and author of Aydan’s Road to Recovery. Are there solutions and treatments that can help reverse vaccine damage?

Thinking Critically about conspiracy theories on the Investigation with Liam Scheff

  • Are there conspiracies? What is a conspiracy?
  • What are the essential qualities of the human species that define us?
  • Curiosity, acquisitiveness, tribal hierarchy? Belief, myth, logic?
  • Is it useful or realistic to talk about “illuminati?” The great big “They” who do all evil in the world?

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Vaccines are not magical. They are made of …….. Do you want to know? ……!!!!

Scientific Fundamentalism
by Liam Scheff

When science is wrong, and does not admit it, it does more damage than when religion is wrong, and does not admit it.

While religion brainwashed with ideas, science injects with heavy metals. While religion suppressed emotion and expression, science suppresses life itself, by creating terminator seeds. While religion offered palliative myths to large existential questions, science offers palliative care, with deadly drugs, to prove its failures true.

All fundamentalisms are dangerous, and perhaps evil. Science has reached a stage of fundamentalism in our society, where vaccination, HIV testing, and pandemic hysteria have achieved the status of occult objects, of religious ceremony.

Science, today, as it is practiced, from Big Bang theory, to Darwinism, to AIDS, to Vaccination, is a fundamentalism. And must be opposed, challenged, its weaknesses exposed and understood, and reformed around better, newer, more open, flexible ideas.

Science needs a Reformation.



  1. Outcomes of poliovirus infection Outcome Proportion of cases[4]
    Asymptomatic 90–95%
    Minor illness 4–8%
    Non-paralytic aseptic
    meningitis 1–2%
    Paralytic poliomyelitis 0.1–0.5%

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