1. Subject: Fukishima Radiation at Highest Level; Neutron Beam Observed 13 Times

    [The UN “Security Council” acted swiftly to bomb Libya. Notice how the global rulers are ‘Missing in Action’ with regard to the
    still-worsening Nuke Crisis in Japan that is already irradiating the world. ]

    Radiation Level At Fukushima Reactor No. 2 At Its Highest Level Recorded So Far, Neutron Beam Observed 13 Times


    Tokyo Electric to Build US (Texas) Nuclear Plants:
    The Administration, just months ago, asked Congress to provide a $4 billion loan guarantee for two new nuclear reactors to be built and operated on the Gulf Coast of Texas — by Tokyo Electric Power and local partners. As if the Gulf hasn’t suffered enough.

    Tokyo Water May Be Unsafe for Babies as Japan Bids to Calm Radiation Fears

    Tokyo Tap Water Declared Unsafe For Babies


    Nobel Committee asked to strip Obama of Peace Prize
    Digital Journal | Leaders in Bolivia and Russia have launched a campaign to revoke Obama’s honour after the US attacked Libya.


    CREDO ACTION: Tell President Obama: Reverse Your Support of Risky Nuclear Power



    Corporate Media Ignores Astronomical Fukushima Radiation Levels
    The Kyodo News Agency reports that radiation around the hobbled Fukushima nuclear plant is 1,600 times the normal level. The astounding figure was released to the media by the International Atomic Energy Agency officials on Monday.

    Data collected by an IAEA team show that radiation levels of 161 microsievert per hour have been detected in the town of Namie, Fukushima Prefecture, the officials said, according to a report posted by House of Japan.

    Tests carried out by IAEA technicians in numerous locations around the plant revealed radiation levels ranging between 2 and 160 microsievert per hour, while the normal level for the area should not exceed 0.1 microsievert per hour, the Russian newsite RIA Novosti reports.

    A CBS affiliate in Wisconsin
    also reported on the high radiation levels that will ultimately be dispersed around the world and will undoubtedly result in unprecedented health problems and premature death from cancer. Most of the corporate media, however, did not bother to report the story.

    reported that there was 500 microsieverts of radiation per hour on March 18 at the site but does not explain what this means. It did not mention the 1,600 number.

    Earlier in the week, nuclear energy critic and author Hirose Takashi wrote
    about the media effort to obfuscate the truth about Fukushima:

    Around Fukushima Daiichi Station they measured 400 millisieverts – that’s per hour. With this measurement (Chief Cabinet Secretary) Edano admitted for the first time that there was a danger to health, but he didn’t explain what this means. All of the information media are at fault here I think. They are saying stupid things like, why, we are exposed to radiation all the time in our daily life, we get radiation from outer space. But that’s one millisievert per year. A year has 365 days, a day has 24 hours; multiply 365 by 24, you get 8760. Multiply the 400 millisieverts by that, you get 3,500,000 the normal dose. You call that safe? And what media have reported this?

    The corporate media as the complaisant handmaiden of the elite are obliged to cover up the truth. In the end, all of us – especially our children – will pay for it.


    Fukushima Engineer Says He Helped Cover Up Flaw at Dai-Ichi Reactor No. 4
    One of the reactors in the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant may have been relying on flawed steel to hold the radiation in its core, according to an engineer who helped build its containment vessel four decades ago.


    ‘Fukushima flawed from start, 24 such plants online in US’


    Fukushima Smoking Gun Emerges:
    Founding Engineer Says Reactor 4 Has Always Been A “Time Bomb”,
    Exposes Criminal Cover Up


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