Vercingetorix is Dead. Long Live Rome…

The man who didn’t blow up the twin towers, and was not wanted by the FBI for doing, or not doing so, is dead, and has been for the better part of a decade.

– Osama bin Laden Not Wanted for 9/11. (I guess evidence still matters ‘officially.’)

A few years ago in another empire, when General Julius Caesar ran off with increasing numbers of Roman legions on “illegal wars of conquest” (or so complained the Roman Senate) in France (then ‘Gaul’), he gained the approval of the people – the vox populi, the res publica, the demos kratos – by bringing home the spoils of war. These included trinkets and objects and iPads – and his fabulous fables, in his ripping (and sometimes truthful) best-seller, “The History of the Gallic Wars.

– The savage terrorist, Vercingetorix, who was caught resisting the glorious Roman Empire.

They also included, in person, and for all loyal, happy Romans to see, the living leader of the ‘barbarian’ Gauls – their king, Vercingetorix. [1, 2] The ‘savage’ was brought, in bondage, and paraded before all of Rome in a triumph. At the end of this parade, he was executed for all to see.

Long live Rome, in her glory.

Osama bin Laden told the world that he was aware that America was too large and powerful to be destroyed by such an organization as a bunch of militant desert rats such as can be found in his camps. He said that wasn’t the point, or his goal. He would simply draw the aggressive, puerile giant into a war it could not extricate itself from, and cause it to bankrupt itself in trying to appease its need to be “Number One.”

As a friend said to me this morning, “Look at that. It only took ten years….”


Bonus Round:

The Navy Seals dispatched into that long firefight in the dusty parts of the world were all wearing helmet cameras. Will we ever see what they saw? Or will the FBI, or one of the other 17 intelligence agencies, ‘protect’ the people from seeing what they are told is the truth, as they did when they hijacked – ehm, ‘confiscated,’ some 70 plus videos of the Pentagon lawn, after the missile… er… ‘airplane’ hit on that fateful Tuesday morning?

And remember, my fellow Amoricans, make sure not to miss “Dancing with the Stars.” I hear Rumsfeld is partnered with Lady Gaga. Should be *fab*.



  1. When the laughter over this fabricated “news” finally subsided, I found it rather surprising that so many segments of the American public could actually muster the courage to turn away from their reality and gladiator TV programming for a few minutes to dance in the streets…

    Since when do we celebrate death so grotesquely for all the world to see? The reaction comments overall were disturbing. And it’s evident that money is being wasted on maintaining the FBI’s Web site, because the American public obviously can’t take the time to read that the bogeyman who was just executed was not wanted by the Feds for 9.11.

    It may be time to start shopping at the Canadian goods shop downtown, camouflage myself in big red maple leafs? And learning French, maybe.

    Looking from the outside in, I don’t know what to think about the Orwellian series of events just employed to hoodwink Americans again. The administration’s decision to play the Joker so far ahead of the campaign, just to deflect from the botched birth certificate (always flatten before you export, just like the book says), should be giving everybody serious pause. Do not lose your will to demand the truth.

  2. Actually, there was no “dancing in the streets” either. Those videos were also fabricated. Obama made his announcement of OBL’s death about 11:35 pm. Yet those celebrating youths [hard-core Obama supporters] were on main-stream TV at 7am the following morning. After tweeting at midnight, did they all run down to Ground Zero and the White House at 2 or 3 in the morning so as to be on the morning news? Another report is that they were actually gathering way before Obama made his announcement, making them paid peformers– as fake as the staged death.

  3. Steve Pieczenik & his recent Paul Revere-like
    call to arms, made on the Alex Jones’ Infowars radio show [links below] presents us with a litmus test of just how far the neoncons & their liberal-democratic allies are going, in what I believe, is a hubristic orbit of overplaying their hand and taking those who are willing to believe them into historical oblivion, among all the other self-doomed empires and parasitical, oligarchically “force & fraud”-directed regimes stretching from Babylon, Rome, Venice, and then north to Amsterdam & London.

    Here is another interpretation of the last 10 years. Offered by Steve
    Pieczenik, who, besides writing with Tom Clancy, and as an Executive Producer of the TV series based on Clancy’s books — served, in part, as
    his model for the character Jack Ryan. Steve Pieczenik is
    billed as a Harvard-trained Psychiatrist & a MIT PhD in Foreign
    Affairs who served as Assistant Deputy Secretary of State and Senior Policy
    Planner for Kissinger, Vance, Shultz, and Baker. He appears to speak for the outraged, patriot and traditionalist remainder [long embattled and seemingly fighting a losing war against the death spiral orbit of the American imperial enterprise] within the foreign policy establishment and intelligentsia at large.

    The article introducing Pieczenik’s recent pronouncements on 911 & Osama/Obama:
    {in the linked radio interview, he clearly states that Osama bin Laden
    has been long dead, and the recent faked assassination of a pseudo bin
    Laden another sequel, among many, to the 911 fraud}

    In the second excerpted interview, Pieczenik strongly warns Obama and
    the neocons to stand down from further false flags or face justice
    [and an American Second Revolution Regime Change] from the patriotic
    faction for whom he speaks within the active and retired military,
    foreign policy, and intelligence communities. So I recommend listening to his interviews on the Alex Jones’ radio show on 3, 4, & 5 May while also taking some time to keep abreast of what more will be presented on that website.

    One other highly recommended source is Webster G. Tarpley. His website:

    Alex Jones’ website, the original source of the interviews of Steve
    Pieczenik are here:
    [Note Pieczenik has been a guest on the Alex Jones show, multiple
    times this week in order to issue his call to awaken Americans and
    demand that the President and his advisors cease and desist from any
    further false flags — so I urge you to check
    thoroughly and quite often in the near future for updates]

    I hope that you read it over and then listen to all the excerpts of
    Alex Jones’ radio show.

    And then pass it on. The only thing that is going to save us, Alex
    Jones, Pieczenik, and those of like mind is a rapid, crash program of
    awakening the American people before the next expected attempt at a
    much more serious false flag paralyzes the country with distraction
    coupled with the long-intended repression of internet freedom and worse.

    May God help us awaken our fellow recalcitrant, distracted would be
    citizens from their ignorance, inertia, and sleepwalking and thereby
    bring all we touch back into prudently wise vigilance and awareness of
    the tasks ahead in order to restore constitutional governance and a
    sound, honest, self-sufficient economy, one, once & for all, under and by God.

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