Electro-Biology to the Electric Universe – Video

Stars and planets are born electrically. Lightning is the electrical equalization of the planet with space, not ‘ice crystals rubbing together in clouds.’ And life itself is an electrical, field-directed event, not a gene-determined, reductionist dead end…

Liam Scheff and Robert Scott Bell talk about the paradigm-cracking new science of Electro-Biology – electricity shaping the formation of life in the embryo – and its natural progression to the Electric Universe: Stars, Planets and Galaxies formed from intertwining, coursing Electro-Magnetic currents.

The Electro-biology model signals the final death knell for the (long-dead) Darwinian and Neo-Darwinian models of biological transmutation; The Electric Universe ends the make-believe of Black Holes and Dark Matter, and unifies our understanding of the universe as an organic, electrically-powered, field organized living system…

We also discuss the HAARP controversy in light of our misunderstanding of the electrical nature of the planet and space. Find Liam Scheff on the web, and on radio, at LiamScheff.com.

Join National Radio Host Robert Scott Bell at NaturalNewsRadio.com daily from 12 to 2, and at RobertScottBell.com

Read more about the electrical universe at HoloScience.com and Thunderbolts.info.


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