Raw Milk Raid…They Came for the Cows, And I Said Nothing!

Gun-toting ‘peace officers’ invade private raw-foods/raw-dairy buying co-op in Venice, California. Arrests, dumping and destruction of produce, private property, and seizing of assets follow….A judge issues a gag order on those arrested…

“But I don’t drink raw milk,” you say… Well, I don’t drink milk at all. But so what?

The issue at stake is not the milk – it is the right to contract privately – to buy and sell what you make or produce, without a government kick-back, ‘okey-doke’ or tax.

Wake up, and ask ‘what’s next?’ Vitamins? Organics? A child’s sidewalk lemonade stand? Your service as a baby-sitter? Carpenter? Repairman? Tutor? Piano teacher?

Just how much does the Federal Government have to ‘regulate’ before we all feel ‘safe?’ Or, has Washington crept too far into our personal lives?

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