America the Truthful

Say something critical of my country, and you’re likely to hear, “America! Love it or Leave it!”

Well, how about, “America, Let’s tell the Whole Truth About it!”

Please add your bit of hidden truth, piece of buried history, and let’s see if we can learn to tell the truth. Honesty leads to better things than false pride…


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  1. I was reading a piece recently about what will cause the extinction of humanity, if such a thing is ever going to come to pass, and aside from the maybe’s and what if’s of asteroids and heat death and whatnot, man-made events were the ones I considered most likely.

    When seeing this post, I decided I would write about a few of my observations; endless war by mankind through the ages, nonstop from ancient times to the present, the creation and use of WMD’s, the morality and superiority of super powers and how all weapons, that work, are always put to use.

    I want to begin by addressing the use of WMD’s. One thing I came to realize is that all viable weapons developed have always been used. Many weapons are considered, even theorized, but the ones that are crafted and actually work are always used. I can think of no exceptions.

    Going back to ancient times, biological warfare actually existed. Ancient armies would use the corpses of slain enemies, rotting flesh, diseased flesh, and hurl it over walls onto enemy towns. Today we still develop and test biological warfare agents including botulism, ebola, various flu strains, anthrax and so on. And pretty much all have been used in what we like to call “modern times”.

    Now consider super powers. The United States is argued to be the sole super power today, but in reality, any nation state that can act with impunity could be considered a super power. Today that would include the five veto-wielding powers of the United Nations Security Council. Prior to WWII the British Empire, French Empire, Spanish Empire, Portuguese Empire, Dutch Empire going all the way back through time to the Romans, Persians, Greeks, Egyptians… There have been many super powers and one thing they all seemed to have in common was that they considered themselves to be morally superior to others, and justified every barbaric act they committed because they were superior…and unchallenged. They made laws and rules for everyone, but they always reserved the right unto themselves to break these rules and laws whenever it was convenient to do so, and again, justified it on moral grounds because they were superior.

    So let’s talk about our very own United States. The morally, ethically, wonderful democracy that claims to be the beacon of light and hope for all mankind. The “good” in the good versus evil struggle.

    Since its inception in 1776, the United States has used biological warfare against the Native American tribes through the use of diseased blankets they handed out. And they justified it at the time, and did it knowing there would be no repercussions, an act morally justified to rid the land of a lesser people.

    The United States took part in the Opium Wars against China to force that nation to allow opium to sold to the Chinese populace. Morally justified on the grounds that business is good and closed-off nations are not. The same would later be done, sans the opium, to Japan, who were forced through bombardment to open their ports to trade.

    We could add all the atrocities committed by the various other empires of the times, including the British and their British East India Company, the Spanish and others who slaughtered millions in their conquests, all justified as moral and ethical as these were lesser peoples whose cultures were simple too backwards and not as superior as the super powers.

    Bringing back the use of all viable weapons, including WMD’s through history, keep in mind that the nations that research and use such weapons tend to be the super powers that have the means to develop them, either for use in current wars, or for future, planned wars. Let’s just go with the 20th and 21st centuries. 112 years of virtually endless warfare, nearly all of which were instigated, directed or supplied by the major super powers.

    WWI saw the development of mustard gas, a WMD chemical warfare agent. It was viable, so it was immediately put to use. The airplane was viable and it was immediately put to use. Battleships were constructed in ever-increases sizes and destructive power and all were put to use. The Spanish Flu came about as a result of WWI, and the United States intentionally located dead bodies after the decimation this virus caused with the intent to weaponize it. There are credible reports that suggest the flu virus has been deliberately released at least twice, in 1976 and recently about three years ago, so as to sell vaccines already being developed to cure the very flu strains that would be released. The aircraft carrier and submarine were perfected making them viable, and both were used immediately.

    In between the wars, all of the major powers were researching and developing more powerful arms at such alarming rates that multiple treaties were signed to try and reduce the numbers in order to prevent both an arms race and a second, greater war. All were violated as every single nation vied to gain an edge, thus all of the super power nations were intent on going to war again. Despite the Great Depression, money for weapons was never truly in short supply. Mankind has never been able to stop warring with itself and I believe it never will.

    WWII came about and we all know the end result were two WMD’s, freshly built, barely tested, but tested enough to know they worked, and both were dropped on heavily populated cities in Japan. The United States, at that very time trying to organize the United Nations, an international body we were told was being created to put an end to acts of aggression, preemptive war and bring about peace, was secretly building these weapons with every intent on using them. However, Japan was against the ropes, their military in ruins and the war was essentially over and everyone knew it. But the United States, superior in morality and ethics to all, justified its use by deciding that the Japanese were blood-thirsty people, thus inferior to the peace-loving United States, and only by dropping two bombs would they possibly surrender.

    During the war, other means of mass killing were invented including fire-bombing cities, such as Dresden where the effects of the bombardment caused nearly as much destruction as Nagasaki, and some estimates had put the death toll as even greater. Though many argued about the ethics of such an attack, it was officially justified. After all, everyone knows the Nazis were blood-thirsty people too and deserved it, thus it was perfectly acceptable for a super power to do so, even when Germany, in February 1945, was already beaten, just as Japan had been prior to the atomic bombings.

    After WWII, research to develop even more powerful version of the atomic bomb came about with hydrogen bombs, neutron bombs and even research into anti-matter having taken place. It is worth noting that even though anti-matter could theoretically destroy the world, it has been research anyway. Additionally, prior to the first atomic bomb test at “Trinity” in 1945, there was some fear, even if scientifically unjustified, that the detonation could destroy the earth. But the suggestion it might destroy New Mexico did have some limited potential of being true. The point being, they didn’t know for sure, but that didn’t stop them. Also, in the 80’s there was talk that Israel, a known nuclear power, constructed cobalt-laced nuclear warheads they intended to detonate in the upper atmosphere to blanket the earth with intense fallout were Israel ever to face extinction and wipe out the rest of humanity. And both the United States and Russia have purportedly considered placing multi-hundred megaton warheads miles beneath the earths surface with research suggesting this might split the earth or cause enough damage to destroy mankind as well. So at least three nations, all super powers that act with impunity and consider themselves to be morally superior to others, have considered methods to destroy all humanity and bring about our extinction in the event they were to face extinction.

    Today the United States has employed depleted uranium weapons in at least a dozen wars since the 1970’s. It is widely believed that these weapons may be causing widespread genetic damage to large swaths of humanity where they were used and this has been assumed to be the case since Desert Storm in 1991. Thus, knowingly, the morally superior United States has used these weapons of mass destruction, as has Israel, the UK and France, against peoples considered inferior due to their religious beliefs and morally inferior societies.

    During the Bush administration, long after the Cold War had ended and we were all supposed to be living in a much safer world, free from nuclear war between the two stockpiling super powers… smaller nukes were being designed and built that could actually be used. The idea was that if they were small enough, their use would be more acceptable. Not for lesser nations and peoples who are morally and ethically inferior to the United States to use, but for the United States to reserve the right, when it sees the need, to use against others. Weather it will be used for “bunker busting” in Iran or North Korea, or simply to wipe out “The evil doers” who are inferior, we will be told it is justified on moral grounds.

    The United Nations did not stop wars from happening. That much is certain. But what it clearly demonstrates is what I am discussing here. That super powers reserve the right for themselves, to wage war, and justify it in all manner as being ethical and moral. The last surviving empires of the colonial era and the modern super powers of post World War II, along with China, have decided that only they can wage war now. For everyone else it is a crime. And they continue to be the largest arms suppliers, wage all the wars or take part in them by supplying one or both sides, often choosing and then telling us which side is good and which side is evil, and telling us who gets to live and who must killed so we can live in peace.

    There will be no end to wars. Super powers will continue, as they have throughout all of history, to develop new weapons for killing that they alone reserve the right to use. The only thing that has changed is that the weapons are getting more and more powerful and easier to deliver to any point on the globe and we already possess enough to kill off humanity and bring us to extinction. And we continue to look for the ultimate weapons, weapons that can do just that.

    During the Cold War, great effort was expended looking for the one way in which a side could possibly wipe out the other before the other could respond… or be unable to respond in such fashion as to wipe out the aggressor. If only the could have found it… At first the hope was for one sneaky attack that would wipe the other out completely. But then we heard the term “acceptable losses”. Our own governments considered that at least some percentage of our own people were expendable if somehow there could be a reasonable victory. A victory that would likely include wiping out a massive percentage of humanity. Knowing such a war might bring about a “nuclear winter”. And yet they planned for it. And as far as we know, they continue to plan for it. Missile Shields in Europe. Why build those AFTER the Cold War, unless the plans are still in place for that hoped-for victory? And Russia shrugged and went to the drawing boards to redesign their own arsenals to be able to thwart the missile shield. So in a sense, the Cold War didn’t end, and plans for global thermonuclear warfare continue. Thus they are still considering a war they know has the potential to wipe out our entire species. They just haven’t figured out how to only wipe out the evil side and allow the morally, and ethically superior side to win.

    So yes, I think humanity is fully capable of bringing our species to extinction. And when it happens, it will have been justified on moral grounds. It might be the largest “export of democracy” in history.

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