Hi Monsanto! You Evil, Evil, Evil Bastards!

Hi Monsanto! How are you doing, you evil, psychopathic, bloodsucking, agent-orange, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), saccharin, nutrasweet/aspartame, BST, rBGH, Roundup pesticide, genetically-mutant terminator seed producing, food-patenting bunch of modern-day nazi scumbags?

We’ve spotted you! And we, the people, are not happy with what you’ve been up to, for so, so, sooo long. Our fault for sleeping. But yours for being the devil incarnate.

See you Sunday, and everyday after.

Please join us at the Millions Against Monsanto event, in your neighborhood. (Search on facebook or google)


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  1. MOnsanto IS the Devil- There is no anti-Christ coming it’s already here- MONSATAN!!!!!!!!!!

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