Are You a Slave?

by Liam Scheff

Are you a slave? Does the government have the right to tell you who you can mate with? Do they own your body? The bodies of your children?

Are you a slave?

And, what are you shopping for today?

I approached the Magic Johnson-sponsored ‘Free HIV testing’ van, in the Fort Lauderdale mall parking lot, and asked the HIV testing dude if I could see a package insert for the magical test.  This is the technical instruction and legal disclaimer; the limitations of the medical device – the antibody test.

The HIV testing dude gave me a bit of paper – a PR sheet. I handed it back, and asked again for the test insert. He looked blankly, and handed me the same sheet. He did this twice, and tried a third time. I said, “Don’t give me that paper again – I’m asking for a package insert.”

He eventually gave up, and asked the foreman to come talk to me. A 50-something gay dude came out, and gave me a booklet – the package insert. I opened it, and found the language, as it always appears –

*No, we fooled you, suckers  – this is not really a test for hiv…*

  • “The Clearview Complete HIV assay is intended for use as a point-of-care test to aids in the diagnosis of infection… This test is suitable for use in multi-test algorithms designed for the statistical validation of rapid HIV test results.”

“Algorithms. multiple tests. Aid in diagnosis.”

Not, “This test diagnosis X, Y or Z.”

But, “Uhm, we help, sort of, aid, also, don’t use this test, use others.”

No, it’s not an HIV test. It’s a joke. A tool to make you believe you’re being tested for something…

And on we go:

  • “The Clearview Complete HIV assay is not approved to screen blood, plasma, cell or tissue donors”

(Wow! Sounds accurate!)

  • “A reactive test result using the Clearview Complete HIV test suggests the presence of antibodies to HIV…”

(Wow! Scientific! Thanks for the “suggestion!” How very ‘hypnotic’ of you…And how hypnotized you’d have to be to buy any of it).

  • “The Clearview Complete HIV assay is intended is an aid in the diagnosis of infection with HIV.”

(It’s an “aid!” A ‘helper!’ Not really a test. How wonderfully useless. How grand. How life-changing, for those who don’t bother to read the fine print…)

  • “A person who has antibodies to HIV is presumed to be infected.. except that a person who has participated in an HIV vaccine study may develop antibodies and may or may not be infected…

(Uhm… Gosh. Uhm… Who’s doing all of this presuming? I’m going to make another presumption: This isn’t a test for any particular particle. Is that a valid presumption? I think it is…)

The test then states that half of the syphilis-infected blood samples were positive on the “HIV test.”

  • “AIDS and AIDS-related conditions are clinical syndromes and their diagnosis can only be established clinically.

Ah, the money shot. We’ll tell you, by looking at you, and seeing what kind of person you are – drug addict, black dude, poor white momma, or gay party boy – whether or not we can affix the “HIV-AIDS” sign to your prow, and you’ll let us make it stick.

“So, does this isn’t an HIV test,” I say to HIV test dude #2. “Why do you tell people that you are giving them a diagnostic test?”

“Oh,” we never say that, said the 50-something gay man, enslaved to the cult. “We send them for a Western Blot.”

“But,” I reply, “The UK doesn’t even use Western Blots. They’re too cross-reactive. They consider them junk. Did you know that?”

“Nooo.” He said.

“Have you ever heard of the Padian study?”

“Noooo,” he said.

And so went the exchange.

I asked if they had people who would come on the radio. He said they had a PR department for that kind of thing. I said, not PR, but a technician, somebody who could handle detailed and specific questions.

Well. We’ll see.

World sex-fraud-terror day is humping toward us… December 1st is the day when you’re supposed to believe that a world of impoverished people need bone-killing drugs more than food and clean water.

Do you believe it?

Are you a slave? Do you entrust a government-pharmaceutical panel, or complex with the delicate fabric of your sexual identity, choices, wishes, dreams, excursions, explorations?

Of your future, your children’s future; their very flesh and blood and bone?

You will know your identity by your response:

Slave. Non-Slave.

You can only check one box.

Free yourself from HIV testing. Turn in your result today – send it back to your doctor, or technician, and tell them you “Presume” otherwise.

And figure out how to care for yourself, without government hand-outs, drugs, permission – or slavery.

And if you want to live your life as a slave – then be my guest. But keep your misery to yourself. I just don’t give a damn anymore about HIV slaves.



  1. Very well done Liam!

    I’m not a slave! at least not anymore in these fields, and trying to find ways to finally break the chains in the other fields where I am still a slave. Some chains are harder than others, but that thing called the “HIV tests” has become one of the most easily enslaving chain will break soon…

    I’ll do the same next time I meet one of these vans. I think streets will soon be plenty of them, D-day is closer. Any dissident activity for this day close to you? please let me know. We will have at least 3 days (1, 2 and 3 Dec) of lectures and discussion in Madrid, and 2 viedo-forum (5, 6) in Valencia…

    Thanks for the test insert.

    Take care


  2. I believe here in Florida where I live, legislation requires that all pregnant mothers must take a hiv test. All persons entering the penal system (statistically that means more of the black population than white population) must take a hiv test. There is no choice, these people can’t opt out.

    • Hi, no, it’s not mandatory for pregnant women. They probably just try to force it in State or public hospitals. But most women in public hospitals aren’t given a sense of their rights, or need for informed consent.

      I don’t know about prison – I believe that you’re probably correct.

      • Florida statute 384.31 requires that all healthcare providers “attending a pregnant woman for conditions relating to pregnancy during the period of gestation and delivery shall cause the woman to be tested for sexually transmissible diseases, including hiv, as specified by department rule.” A woman has the right to refusal, and must sign specific forms provided by the Florida Health Department. This is what I would call “defacto” mandatory testing. Years ago I refused a mammogram at a ob/gyn’s office visit. I spent 30 minutes being grilled by various members of that office, and finally getting “permission” to refuse the mammogram by the physician himself. I can imagine that a pregnant woman who refuses testing for “sexually transmitted” diseases (the refusal encompasses hiv as well as various STD’s, and you can refuse one or all of the diseases listed) will have to undergo alot more than I did for a simple refusal of a mammogram.

  3. Thirty plus years working in the field of nursing, believing this indoctrinated crap: HIV, vaccines, cholesterol, pharmaceuticals…. NO more! And no more fluoride, mercury amalgams, gmo frankenfoods……
    Thanks Liam, for speaking out the truth.

  4. ‘syphilis’ ‘testing’ is just the same bullshit as the hiv shite.
    syphilis, mischievous myth or malignant monster, herbert shelton

    I love your articles on big bang myths and scientism!!!
    Have you read Mary Midgely (the myths we live by)?

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