1. Great work! Art/music can be a very powerful tool to enlighten people. Good to see this happening.

    How do “AIDS researchers” live with themselves!? Just wondering…

    • In the grand scheme of things, I consider myself fortunate. I was already an adult before this whole “HIV/AIDS” scam was forced on us all. It’s been hard watching people I love and care about die via “AIDS drugs”, fear and a powerful belief system equating sex with death. But as tragic as it’s been, they had the choice to refuse “AIDS drugs”, unlike the Guinea Pig Kids.

      I remember way back in the old days, soon after a friend of mine was deemed “positive”. He showed me his AZT bottle, with it’s skull and crossbones. He had a completely dead look in his eyes and said, “yeah…you really need something powerful to knock this out”. He was dead within a couple months after that. “HIV”, my fucking ass! Nice of the bottle to tell him what was in store for him, though…

      • Oh, yeah. On the bottle label was printed “toxic by inhalation” Whew! Guess that was a close call as my friend, Carlos, wasn’t inhaling them, but was swallowing them instead. :-)

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