Official Stories – Out Today – And Corrections

Yes, the wondrous and new, exciting and bold, fun and daring book, “Official Stories,” by intellectual wild man Liam Scheff (that’s me) is available in print today (If today is Tuesday the 29th)!

You Can (and really MUST, or should, or would enjoy, trust me, you would!) Buying Official Stories online (ships worldwide), in Europe on Amazon (as of 6/3/12). And on Kindle in late July, 2012

You can also read (and write) reviews for “Official Stories,” as well as follow “Official Stories” on facebook, the FBI social network.

Here’s a first excerpt on The Intel Hub. “Official Stories Exist To Protect Officials.”

Out and readable, and how exciting! And already a few corrections! No, editing never entirely rests, and neither do spelling errors and swap-arounds. But, I’ve caught a few strays, and here’s where I’m going to deposit them until I do the Kindle version…All of the following corrections have been made to the CURRENT text.

Corrections to the first published text (first week of publication):


Chapter 2: CIA – The Mighty Wurlitzer

Life Cereal is mentioned in passing, but it’s a little anachronistic, as it’s a 60s cereal, and I was referring to the 50s. Frosted Flakes will probably replace it in the Kindle version. [FIXED IN CURRENT VERSION]

“Effects” for “defects” (not a misspelling, maybe an unwanted computer-generated “correction” while typing). Agent Orange, a Monsanto and Dow Chemical product, dropped by the ton on Vietnam, causes to this day the most horrific and brutalizing birth defects anyone has ever seen, with the exception of Chernobyl. Agent orange contains Monsanto’s “prize chemicals,” 2,4,5-T and -D, and another better known monster – dioxin. [CIA Factbook (wikipedia)] [FIXED IN CURRENT VERSION]


Chapter 3: JFK – Turn Right on Houston

In the opening “plain” for “plane.” As in, “shifting plains” (homonym error!) [FIXED IN CURRENT VERSION]

In two places, “de Mohrneschildt” for “de Mohrenschildt” (misspelling). George de Mohrenschildt was a close friend of the Bouvier and Bush families, a CIA informant and operator and a close personal friend, or “handler,” of Lee Oswald. Yes, the man who was good friends with young Jackie Bouvier (Kennedy Onassis), was also best pals with Lee Harvey Oswald. (Go figure – that’s CIA for you). [FIXED IN CURRENT VERSION]

CIA Factbook | Spartacus

In one place, “Mirina” for “Marina,” Lee Oswald’s wife (misspelling) Marina was the niece of a high-ranking Russian intelligence officer, who left Russia with Lee Oswald and their child. Yes, Lee Oswald, U.S. Marine, radio-operator at a CIA base in Japan, had defected to the Soviet Union, and then come back to the United States in 1962, with an apparent “A-OK” from the State Department. [FIXED IN CURRENT VERSION]


Chapter 4: 9/11 – A Perfect Tuesday Morning

“The Jersey side of the East River” should be “the Jersey side of the Hudson River.”


Chapter 5: Vaccination – The Religious Science

“1700s” for “1800s.” In the beginning of the Louis Pasteur section, either a typo, or a timeline error. It’s as it’s followed by, “In 1885,” etc., which is correct. But, “17” has to be replace by “18.” [FIXED IN CURRENT VERSION]

A timeline issue, “It began with Louis Pasteur, who devised germ theory. Then Edward Jenner developed a vaccine against smallpox.” Should be: “It began with Edward Jenner, who developed a vaccine against smallpox and Louis Pasteur, who devised germ theory.” I otherwise credit their “discoveries” with Joseph Meister (Pasteur, 1885) and James Phipps (Jenner, 1796) correctly, but inverted the order in this sentence. [FIXED IN CURRENT VERSION]

“Pronged fork,” for “lancet.” I’ve been corrected that the pronged fork for variolation/vaccination came much later, and that a double-edged scalpel or lancet was used. [FIXED IN CURRENT VERSION]

In Chapter 5 on vaccination, I wrote:

“So, what is HPV? A common wart virus, which can affect the genitals, but does so very rarely. But now that it’s a medically-approved bit of advertising, injections for the “disease” can be pushed on all 4 to 11 year- old girls. This new injection is not only considered to be socially responsible, but truly important, based on the well-understood fact that all young girls have the same sex and drug habits as 65 year-old prostitutes in Montmartre during the swinging, syphilitic 1920s. Did I lose you with that last bit? We’ll catch up as we go.”

It was pointed out to me that, even though I was being cheeky, the age for new injections with this ‘helpful’ poison is 9 years old, not 4. (Merck’s Gardasil was approved for children as young as 9 years old.)

In that introductory paragraph, I was trying to satirically point out the ridiculousness of targeting young females for a sex disease ‘cure,’ but I can easily see the confusion. I will put a correction in a future version.

Chapter 7: Shake-speare not Shakespeare

In one place, “Polonius’ daughter” for “Burghley’s daughter” (a mix-up of names). Lord Burghley was the powerful advisor to Queen Elizabeth was was lampooned in the character of Polonius in Hamlet. Young Edward de Vere was raised in Burghley’s household, miserably married his daughter, and may have used this as the inspiration for the Polonius and Ophelia (father and daughter) characters in Hamlet. [FIXED IN CURRENT VERSION]

In Chapter notes, one “Burghly” for “Burghley” (misspelling). [FIXED IN CURRENT VERSION]


Post grammar edits that you discover to this page, for a chance to win an extra copy for a friend, or for yourself. The most helpful corrections prior to the Kindle version will be sent a free copy.



    • Yes, soon. It’ll be available in the 4th quarter of this year, fall.

  1. I just finished your book and want to thank you for enlightening me about JFK’s assassination, viruses, the CIA, tectonic plates and the other science stories I have been told.

    I was already familiar with 9/11 after watching Loose Change and researching many articles online. That was a shocking revelation to me and the tipping point of my belief system. HIV not being the cause of AIDS wasn’t a new revelation either since I read Celia Farber’s article in Harpers and have researched that topic.

    What amazes me is how hard it is for people to question the official stories even when they are presented with logical clear facts which clearly dispute the government’s explanation.

    I’ll give your book to friends so hopefully they will see the light of day….however, I’m in Seattle so it may take awhile ;)

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