The Complete HIV Breakdown with Dr. Rashid Buttar, Robert Scott Bell and Liam Scheff,

Incredible show today with Robert Scott Bell and Dr. Rashid Buttar.

Please download and listen to the bonus segment, as Dr. Rashid Buttar, RSB and Liam take apart, for good and all, the HIV myth. No sugar. It’s a great show.

How many needle-pricks from “HIV” patients can a person have an not be “Positive?” How often can you have sex with “HIV” positive people and not turn “positive”

Answer: As many as you’d like, because there is no HIV. There are only HIV tests…

The first hour of the interview will be available here in archives for Aug 20th:

Here’s the 40 minutes of bonus “HIV” breakdown. We even talk Kim Cools and Umlingo Wamangcolosi!

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    I was going over some competitor ads the other day and came across several from Thailand. They make health claims about Moringa including that is cures HIV. They also state if you have HIV and are pregnant, take Moringa, and your baby won’t be born with the disease. Folks, you really need to be careful of hype. They take a little information and hype it up. So here is the accurate and truthful answer on the subject.

    Explaining AIDS and HIV:
    This is a direct quote below from Web MD,”

    AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) isn’t a disease in itself; rather, AIDS is a condition that develops when a person’s body has been weakened by HIV (the human immunodeficiency virus). HIV is found in blood and sexual fluids and spreads mainly through unprotected sexual contact and the sharing of hypodermic needles and equipment.

    When a person becomes infected with HIV, it damages his or her immune system, leading to immunodeficiency: The immune system can no longer fight off common germs and pathogens, so a person infected with HIV becomes ill from diseases that don’t usually affect someone without HIV.

    It can take HIV many years to damage the immune system enough to make the person vulnerable to these diseases, called opportunistic infections. These infections, including Kaposi’s sarcoma, a form of skin cancer, take the opportunity to invade because they don’t encounter resistance. When doctors see someone with one of these diseases, they know that HIV is probably responsible, and the person may be diagnosed with AIDS.

    As HIV slowly invades a specific immune cell — the CD4 T-cell — HIV uses the immune cell’s genetic material to reproduce itself and then kills the CD4 T-cell.

    An HIV-infected person may not have any symptoms of disease during this time — called the asymptomatic period. This can last 10 years or more for some people. During this time, the person’s CD4 T-cell count is watched closely to guide treatment. The goal is to keep an infected person from advancing to AIDS. Once the CD4 T-cell count goes below 200, a person is diagnosed with AIDS. ”

    The explanation above is important so you can understand the role of Moringa in AIDS and HIV treatment.

    70% of HIV patients live in the area of sub-Saharan Africa. This is an area where malnutrition is a rampant in the general population. It has destroyed a whole generation in some areas. Thousands of children are orphans with their parents dead from the disease. Many are infected them selves. The ARV drugs are too expensive for the poor, so only the rich have access to these drugs. The patient is brought in malnourished and weak, with hardly enough strength to walk or feed them selves. They are also suffering from infections that rack their wasted bodies. Their immune system is almost non-existent. So when you state that Moringa cures HIV, it is a impressive statement that really sells product.

    Why are people starving in Africa? There have been extensive droughts in large areas of the country. There is a dry season where very little green vegetation is available. The people are extremely poor. Most people are suffering from insufficient protein, iron, Vitamin A, and Calcium just to name the most important ones. The world health organization imports biscuits enriched with with vitamins or Vitamin A tablets. Moringa trees do grow in some of those areas but many people there are unaware of the plants nutritional value. They are starving to death because of a lack of knowledge concerning their own natural resources.

    So what is the truth? Is it true, is it a lie, or a embellished truth that Moringa Cures HIV?

    Fact #1 Moringa is used in Ayurvedic medicine to prevent over 300 diseases. Prevent not cure. Many diseases stem from poor quality food or poor diet choices. The exceptional nutrition in Moringa leaves, pods, and flowers help to boost nutrition in these areas. This boost in nutrition also boosts immune function. Any imbalance or disease brought on by starvation or poor nutrition, would be helped by taking Moringa. This has been proved in a number of projects in those areas. Mothers and babies given Moringa gain weight and health. Their milk production increases and with better quality. Moringa has been shown to overcome ‘failure to thrive’ babies.

    Fact #2 There are several HIV hospitals in Africa who began giving their HIV patients Moringa. These HIV patients were brought in on stretchers, too weak to walk or feed themselves. They were close to death. They were ravished with disease and sickly thin. As an experiment, they gave these patients Moringa is a gruel or mush.

    After a few weeks, they found the Moringa nourished these sick patients. They gained weight and strength. Many got well enough to help others in the clinic as they were brought in by family. This has been reported in a number of HIV hospitals. So Moringa is extremely valuable in any cancer or wasting disease patient. Often patients either have trouble eating because of the cancer or disease or because of the treatment. Chemotherapy gives many patients nausea. They violently throw up. They lose weight and suffer nutritionally. Elderly patients often get to a point they are fed liquid food. They lose the ability to chew or swollow effectively. They lose their appetite. It is hard to get them proper nutrition. Moringa will help patients who have these problems. You can put the Moringa powder in applesauce, pudding, green drink, or in a mush.

    Fact #3 There are projects in these countries to not only plant groves of Moringa trees where they don’t exist now but to show people how to use the leaves. They are being educated about the tree that is already growing in their area. Moringa trees are well suited to the arid climate of Africa. It is resistant to drought. It will grow in sandy soil and direct sunlight. It does not freeze there. To grow Moringa year around, you have to have a climate where it does not freeze.

    Fact #4 There are some small research studies that show in the lab that Moringa reduces tumor and cancer growth. There have been some studies on Mice as well. There have been many reports of people using Moringa for cancer with success. I would say that its ability to boost immune function is one of the reasons why. Its ability to boost nutrition and improve overall health is another reason. Many foods have been shown to also have healing benefits as well. Moringa is one of them. Hippocrates is famous for his quote, “Let food be your medicine.” You will find many references to that in the bible as well. Garlic is an example. it is a food and potent medicine against bacteria, strep, staph, and E-Coli. It is an amazing plant.

    How could Moringa cure HIV or Cancer? In a few cases, it has been shown that the patients immune system overcomes the disease. They have been declared HIV free months or years later after initial positive testing. Some children born to HIV infected mothers, do not come down with the disease.

    If you worked on the immune system in the early stage of the disease, when it is first diagnosed, you might have success with stopping the disease. There are many people now who live years with HIV. In this country it is well managed with a cocktail of drugs. Some here consider it a chronic disease. It impacts all nations significantly with the cost of treatment over a life time. If Moringa affected the patient’s immune system so powerfully, it is possible to overcome the HIV disease progression. This means that your immune function overcame the disease. It was not Moringa that cured the disease, but its impact on the immune function and health of the cells.

    So the effect of Moringa with its exceptional nutrition on the immune system and workings of every cell and organ is the miracle. Your body was designed by God to overcome disease and illness. There are thousands of immune tools in your body that fight to keep you healthy. Stress, anger, grief, sadness, depression, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, caffeine, junk foods, smoking, obesity are all factors that destroy health and immune function. You need to lower the negative factors to boost immune function. Moringa is one of the ways to raise immune function and health. I would encourage any patient with HIV or cancer to add Moringa to their program. I do believe it would help them in their fight to overcome the disease.

    Check out the references below on the projects using Moringa.

    God bless you all.
    Eric Plott, the herbladyisin
    Visit my website at:

    PAGE: 2
    Check out the references below on the projects using Moringa.

    Can Moringa Cure AIDS and HIV?

    To be informed that you are infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and to be diagnosed later on with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) can be likened to a life sentence. This is because AIDS and HIV are considered fatal as there is no known cure yet for these diseases.

    Aside from that, the stigma associated with AIDS makes it so much more painful and embarrassing. This dreaded disease is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which attacks the immune system making the sufferer susceptible to all kinds of infections and illnesses.

    An HIV-infected person is expected to acquire AIDS in time. However, if an HIV infected person does not take special care to one’s health, there is a big possibility that he or she may succumbed to death even before their infection developed into AIDS.

    Researchers all over the world are searching for the possible cure for HIV and AIDS and many are turning their eyes on alternative and herbal medicines. Apparently, there are herbal medicines that can effectively strengthen the immune system-one of them is moringa or malunggay.

    Malunggay/Moringa Benefit: Hope for AIDS?

    The key to fight HIV and AIDS is to prevent the harmful virus from reproducing itself so it will not be able to penetrate and damage the cells in the body. A body infected with this virus should load up with antioxidants that will fight the harmful elements in the body, slow down the spread of the infection and boost the immune system.

    As AIDS patients should observe proper nutrition, moringa or malunggay is a big help. Moringa is rich in antioxidants and has super nutritional properties so it will help make the immune system stronger.

    To use moringa for HIV and AIDS, one can take moringa powder, moringa capsule or use the moringa leaves in food preparations.

    There are several studies that were completed while some are still being done to test the effectiveness of using moringa powder as cure for HIV/AIDS.

    As the malunggay plant can easily grow in different climates and can survive even in very dry conditions, it will be a very helpful alternative medicine in areas where there is a shortage of medicines and antiviral vaccines.

    The powerful antioxidants in moringa can prevent or delay health complications because of AIDS. In fact moringa powder was considered as an alternative treatment to boost the immune systems of HIV-positive patients in Africa during the 14th International AIDS Conference that was held in Barcelona, Spain in 2002.

    It is said that the antioxidant and nutritional properties of moringa cannot directly replace the benefits that one can gets with modern antiretrovirals. However, using moringa leave, moringa powder or moringa capsule is proving itself to be great way to improve the health and reduce the mortality rates of HIV/AIDS patients especially those living in underdeveloped countries.

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