CIA – The Mighty Wurlitzer: “(Agent) Orange”

From “Official Stories” by Liam Scheff

In the 1950s and 60s, he CIA ran the world – and it still does. In this excerpt from Liam Scheff’s “Official Stories,” (from Chapter 2: CIA – The Mighty Wurlitzer”) we see how CIA partnered with Dow and Monsanto to coat Southeast Asia in a layer of a bitter chemical – Agent Orange – a dioxin-containing poison, dropped from the sky on the people of Vietnam…


From Italy and Greece in ’47, to Iran in ’53 and Guatemala in ’54, with Syria (to build a pipeline) and Tibet (to fight the communist Chinese) in- between, the CIA was busy. In ’54, they turned their attention to the failing French project in Southeast Asia: Vietnam. The CIA sent “advisors” (that’s “men with guns and money”) to support the cause against the North Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh. By ’63, there were 15,000 “advisors” in Vietnam, although no war had been declared.

In ’67, the CIA was organizing and enacting true pogroms like Operation Phoenix, which brutalized and murdered tens of thousands of “Viet Cong.” But Vietnam would become America’s first “lost” war.

By the end, at the retreat, more than 58,000 American boys, as young as 15, would die – have bullets break their flesh and bone and spill their blood and guts and brains – in the tropical jungle; over 153,000 would be wounded. And 2-4 million Vietnamese would be dead. By estimates.

Large numbers are always estimates and above a threshold, people stop keeping careful count. But millions – and if we can just say it, a whole bloody hell of a lot of horrible death, mostly villagers, who had never even heard of America, were ground into hamburger by carpet bombing (word game: we call this “mass genocide” when we’re not involved) and murdered for generations more, by an “agricultural” product, from one of today’s biggest producers of pesticide and seed – Monsanto.

The Monsanto corporation, along with Dow Chemical, unleashed a by- product of the deadly PCB industry, in selling its dioxin-containing “Agent Orange” to the U.S. military. The chemical, used to burn the tropical foliage into nothing, had the same effect on people’s skin. The goal was to turn the jungle into a desert. It was called “Operation Hades.” The chemical has an extremely long half-life. It doesn’t go away. But it does murder, gruesomely, for generations.

U.S. soldiers, even on short duties, returned with cancers and severe skin problems. Their children suffered the second-generation birth defects. But not like in Vietnam. It is common for babies born in Vietnam to have too many or too few limbs, melted features, additional or missing organs and spinal cords; to have two heads on one body and to live this way for the rest of their lives.

Back to estimates – some are as high as 500,000, as in a half million children deformed by Agent Orange since the 1960s. But Americans do not know this; it’s alien information, blacked out on the page. But, you can look it up, if you dare.

The chemical also causes a variety of developmental malformations of the spine and nervous system, causing a child to be born with a hole in his or her back, or an unfinished spinal column. These children are born with legs that are either very weak, or do not work at all. This is called spina bifida. The United States has done nothing – not a thing – to alleviate their suffering. We have paid no reparations to the Vietnamese for destroying their country. We haven’t even built a wheelchair factory.

But that was the U.S. military; the Army, Navy, Marines and Air force above all. And they couldn’t be officially involved with the war, or “police action,” until the CIA found a president willing to declare open hostilities with North Vietnam. They had to wait for that and then, to get tired of waiting. And then make a change in leadership here, to find a president willing to do it. But we’ll get to that.

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