A very, very, very, very brief alternative re-history of the planet Earth and Western Civilization. Very, very brief.

Brief alternative (but probably more correct) history of Earth.

Our current myth:

1. Earth was created out of nothing, through the “big bang’*, which somehow created dust, which somehow congealed into stars and planets, which somehow made life.

2. Then, many millions of years later, in the dusty Middle East, a Jewish guy became very important, was hung up to dry (crucified), and we’ve been fighting about it ever since.

None of the above, of course, can be true. It can only be mythology – in fact, I believe we’re stuck inside of myths. Here, in a few paragraphs, I will try to fix your rudder.

1. The universe was not born out of a ‘big bang.’ There was no ‘big bang’ – there is only, as far as we can tell, the eternal universe, with its eternal power source. We can see no beginning and end, and just because we like pretty stories is no reason to invent one. * (‘Big bang’ – “First there was nothing, which exploded!” A myth created by a priest – see Ch 9 of my book),

2. Earth was not born out of dust – it was born out of a gas giant planet (like Jupiter or Saturn) when it was a low-glow star. (Gas giant planets ARE stars – they are stars lacking electron flow (current); this is borne out by current astronomical observations (not conjectures, not theoretical maths – but observations of ‘cool’ stars, ‘hot Jupiters’ and splitting stars – see Ch 9 of Official Stories).

3. Life bloomed on the always-warm, low-gravity planet, and grew large.

4. Saturn (or our mother star) came into the orbit of a larger star (the Sun), which slowly stripped away the current powering the star (stars are electrical in nature), and ripped away the larger satellites (Earth, Venus, Mars), capturing them as their own. This radically increased gravity and wiped out most large life forms on the planet’s surface. Small animals and bacteria survived, and redeveloped into larger life forms suited to the new gravity.

5. Hominids emerged in the ‘electric evolutionary’ cycle, and witnessed the movement of the new star in the heavens – the “Sun” or ‘son’ of the heavens (the ‘son’ of God), which ‘dies’ slowly, from the peak of summer, when the days grow shorter, moving in a southern direction in the sky. The “Son” is surrounded by the 12 major constellations – “12 disciples.” It ceases to move for three days in late December – (dies) – in the vicinity of the Southern Cross (the astronomical figure in the heavens – it is ‘crucified‘). It then is ‘resurrected‘ – it begins to move again in its path northward, and the days grow longer. By the ‘equinox‘ (Easter), spring has arrived and we are ‘saved’ once again from darkness…

6. At some point in recent history, a large comet, or a moon or even a planet, released from its gas-giant mother (don’t talk about your mother that way!), passed by Earth and radically interacted with our planet – causing tidal upheavals, electrical scarring, massive continent-wide flooding and immense destruction, recorded in myth worldwide as “the Great Flood.” Our ‘lost civilizations’ were destroyed, wiped out, wiped clean from the surface, in this (or these) events. And the history we think we know is but a sliver of what was…

And we forget all of this, and live in metaphorical versions of it, because we are a myth-making animal that takes itself far too literally….

We are stuck halfway.



  1. A good start, Liam. It’s time to wake people up to the fact that our cosmology, our story of how the universe (and our planet) came about and how life evolved, is really a myth. There is very little science involved. We’re out in the high seas of uncertainty and we are speculating, every new idea becoming a “scientific” assessment of what might have happened in the past.

    As long as we limit our understanding and our curiosity, as long as we stick to the myth, we will not advance into the age of science.

    We have to be brave enough to go into the land of speculation. Looking at possibilities. That’s what your few points are doing. Breaking out from the myth and pointing at an alternative narrative to examine.

    Only one word of caution: Realize that what you’re doing is to speculate. That it might be like you say, or in some way different. The important thing is to “mobilize” out conception of what’s possible and what’s probable…

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