“Official Stories Posters, v.1″ by Liam Scheff Now Available

Now Available!

“Official Stories Posters, v.1 by Liam Scheff. The first companion piece to Official Stories, an essential teaching and learning tool for classrooms – or wherever you’re reading it – and a sure conversation starter.

Liam Scheff OS Posters 2 b

The striking images in “Official Stories Posters” are not only visually stimulating – they are compact lessons in the history of the modern world. This 8.5×11 in. full-color, beautifully-printed book from author Liam Scheff describes an artist’s approach to investigative journalism by laying out big questions and answers in images:

  • “Did Shakespeare write Shakespeare?
  • Who invented “Big Bang” theory (is it a science, or a religion?)
  • Who were the Dulles Brothers, and who really killed John F. Kennedy?
  • Was polio really caused by a virus (or was it the DDT?)
  • Does HIV cause AIDS? Does HPV cause cancer? Does Gardasil stop it?”

In a careful reading of the posters in this book, the viewer can trace the creation of the modern pharmaceutical era – from the realities of vaccine history, to CIA, JFK and 9/11, to HIV testing and AIDS theory, to Shakespeare and the Big Bang, to HPV propaganda and more.

This the first companion piece to Liam’s ground-breaking book, “Official Stories,” and works perfectly with the text to illustrate, in colorful and striking words and images, that “Official Stories really do exist to protect officials.”

The images will make you think – and smile, too – they’re full of an appreciation for the comic-book pop culture that surrounds us and the propaganda we’re daily faced with.

“Official Stories Posters Vol. 1? is also an excellent – and perhaps essential – teaching aid for any class on the differences between what we’re told to believe, and what a serious researcher can find in verifiable, resilient evidence of what lies beneath in our heavily-propagandized culture.

Description: Book, 8.5×11 inches. Twenty-two full-page poster images, and 5 images as double page blow-ups (10 pages), for easy reading. Order Button

Table of Contents:
1. Creating HIV and AIDS
2. AIDS, Drugs, Antibiotics and Poverty
3. America is Built on Cannabis and Hemp
4. Pesticides and Polio
5. HIV and Sex
6. JFK and Oswald
7. Vaccine History
8. CIA – Dulles to 9/11
9. HIV Test Candy-land (Road of False Positives)
10. 9/11 Twin Towers
11. How HIV Causes AIDS (Ask The Experts)
12. HPV Shots? Not if I have anything to say about it!
13. Stop! You’re not injecting my children.
14. Koala – What Is In A Vaccine?
15. Road to Toxicity – Road to Health
16. HIV Test Warning Label (Warhol version)
17. What Is In A Vaccine?
18. Shaksper, not Shake-Speare.
19. The Big Bang Religion
20. Government Medicine – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
21. Death In Its Many Guises
22. What Is In A Vaccine? (green variation)

Large format (double-page):

24. Vaccine History
26. HIV and Sex
28. How HIV Causes AIDS (Ask The Experts)
30. Creating HIV and AIDS
32. HIV Test Candy-land (Road of False Positives)

Liam Scheff OS Posters 2

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