Oscar – A Real See You Next Tuesday

by Liam Scheff

I always enjoy it when the culture becomes self-righteously vexed, because it lets us see what a bunch of cunts we all really are.

The Onion called a young actress a ‘cunt’ in an online thread, and then apologized. The response has been the usual hailstorm or self-righteous recrimination. So, for the record, don’t call children names.

Louis C,K. – My daughter the 4-year old Asshole. CLICK!

Humor is often offensive. The Onion is not regarded as a news source. Its stock and trade is rather extreme irony. It’s often very funny and picks on ‘white’ slobs as a daily event.

But, I can’t imagine the word cunt being the most offensive that anyone has ever heard (as some seem to be claiming). That’s a bit of as stretch. I can’t imagine that people have to spell it as c*nt, leaving the reader to fill in the “u.” That’s a remarkable bit of nonsense. You’re making me say the word that you don’t have the guts to write – how does that square?

The word. Cunt is a word often used in the UK to denigrate men as or more often than women. There are long academic and popular treatises on the word, and some women use it freely, as some people use other pejoratives that they’ve ‘re-possessed.’ Its etymology does refer to female genitalia (‘cunnilingus,’ but not ‘cunning‘). I suppose the angry activists can get an apology out of them, but it won’t change the world. Most of the slaves in the world today are Asian, and they made the computer that you’re reading this on. Children are, of course, not generally called names publicly, though they are often bullied at home. The life of a child actor or actress is often fraught with peril.

For comparison’s sake, if Lindsay Lohan or Mary Kate and Ashley had been called “cunts” as children, I imagine a great many people would also have been offended. If someone wrote it about them as they are now, no one would care.

I see by a search that the paper has apologized – but it’s not about skin color or perception thereof. As you were getting upset about this, US forces, paid by your tax dollars, kept the Middle East under surveillance, shot into the hills, and kept the parade of depleted uranium poisoning fetuses there, and killing children and adults. Monsanto keeps rolling genetically-modified food into you and your children, cancer-causing foods that cause sterility. And the US is being patrolled by remote-control drones – the kind that were available to fly large planes into landmarks as far back as, say, 2001. If you care to think back that far.

Personally, you could call me a cunt every day of the week if you managed to stop those last three things from happening. Sticks and stones break bones. Names are the least of our problems.

Cunt book


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