You People Need a “Humor Intervention!”

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Laugh it up, Self-Serious Conspiracy Bums! Giggle a little, fellow researchers of the Dark Arts! Engage in mirthful laughter, news hounds! It’ll save your life (until you die, that is). You people need a “humor intervention!”

Yesterday on the Bob Tuskin show, I had a great time laughing and talking about politics and conspiracies – but at least one dweezil in the chat room was offended by my levity. Well, find a blender and put your tuchus into it, my friend – because I was right, and you were wrong. Sucka. Laughter and humor is GOOD for you. Just ask SCIENTISTS!! Yes, now it’s demonstrated in the blood and bone:

“Modulation of neuroimmune parameters during the eustress of humor-associated mirthful laughter.”

Or, that is, laughter is good for you. (Duh!) So, all you self-mortifying conspiracy bums – lighten the @#$#@ up. Or, face your maker all the sooner…

(Thanks to Cal Crilly, the legend himself, for passing the article on to me.)

“Humor therapy and the related mirthful laughter are suggested to have preventive and healing effects.”

“Viewing of a humor video for 1 hour. Blood samples were taken 10 minutes before, 30 minutes into, and 30 minutes and 12 hours after the intervention.”

Increases were found in natural killer cell activity; immunoglobulins, with several immunoglobulin effects lasting 12 hours into recovery from initiation of the humor intervention; functional phenotypic markers for leukocyte subsets such as activated T cells active cytotoxic T cells, natural killer cells, B cells, helper T cells, uncommitted T cells with helper and suppressor markers, helper/suppressor ratio with several leukocyte subset increase effects lasting 12 hours after the humor experience; the cytokine interferon-gamma, with increases lasting 12 hours; total leukocytes, with specific subpopulation lymphocytes during the intervention and 90 minutes into recovery; and granulocytes during the intervention and 90 minutes following the intervention.


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