If Every Virologist Quit His or Her Job Today…

One World Under Pharma 3 by Liam Scheff 2010

If everyone in the world who works in ‘virology’ were to suddenly and all at once quit – and stopped hunting for what they perceived to be ‘viruses’ inside of laboratory cell cultures…

Not one person on Earth would drop dead because of it.

But, if everyone who worked in virology were to suddenly become interested in a body’s response to toxins – to poisons, pesticides, injections, sprays, aerosols, plastics, EMFs, GMOs, fluoride and chlorine – and they all banded together to make the ‘scientific community’ work tirelessly against the poisoning of the entire human species….and they were successful —

Millions and probably billions of people would enjoy a level of health so greatly improved that it provided a happiness and service to the world that a great faith in doctors as healers would surely be returned to the medical profession for centuries to come.

– Liam Scheff 4/2013


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  1. Virologists, doctors and healers aside…

    what if the average citizen questioned so many things that they do to their bodies and that get done to their bodies? They could start with your list, above.

    I’d prefer to see people question, gain knowledge and empower themselves…thereby disempowering the folks that have abused and misused their power.

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