Us To Achieve Energy Independence, World Oil Dominance, Really, Really Soon! In Hell! SUCKERS!

New World Order NY  2by Liam Scheff 2010

by Liam Scheff

Oil barons and hucksters – read this carefully, and to the end. Headline: US to overtake Saudi as top world ‘oil’ producer. (And China is absolutely fucked).

The claim should make you unbuckle your shorts. Saudi Arabia is the world’s leading producer of flowing Texas T. Light sweet crude. The stuff empires are made of. The US produces about 2% of the world’s actual “oil.” So, what the frock are they fracking talking about? (Hint.)

This comes from a report by the energy czarists, the IEA – but what’s hidden? It’s not ‘oil’ as we know it. It’s tar sands, oil shale, and other incredibly toxic brews:

“This is entirely due to the shale and gas revolution. North America as a whole will become a significant net exporter.”

By blowing up every glen and mountainside hoped to have some sticky tar rock beneath it and destroying every water table in each such zone.


In other words, it’s a run off the cliff, not just a walk. Here’s the big clue:

“If all this turns out to be wishful thinking, the world is stuffed. The biggest “new supply” over the next quarter century is energy efficiency. That is worth a Saudi Arabia and a half. Allegedly.”

Right, so we’re back to conserving. Which Americans do not do. Hence the ‘panics,’ like the Boston disaster of yesterday. We’ll have more panics to make us stay home, I predict. But based on their past performance, I think it’s a guarantee.

More than that – we’re going to go back to doing what made the Nazi state so great: turning coal into ‘oil.’:

Snazzy Nazi Oil | Synth Fuel

And yes, this is entirely exciting because coal likes to release arsenic, lead, mercury and rare heavy metals when burned. So, let’s do it all at once, shall we?

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And that’s how the US learned to be energy independent!!!!

Any questions?

Oh, and China. Fucked? Because? Right… they use coal for everything! And coal… destroys… water tables.

Some 65pc of China’s water use is for irrigation, and 23pc for industry – mostly in coal production. Notice how much of the coal industry is in areas with water troubles.

Non-renewable aquifers are being depleted very fast. Under the latest five-year plan China is diverting rivers equal to the Tigris and Euphrates combined to supply the dry belt.

Get it?

And, for the record, “I see dead people. Everywhere. Soon.” Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I want to. But people and animals and lead and arsenic don’t really go together very well. Not like this:

PS. For the ‘stay after class and talk to the professor’ students —

Look at WW2 through the eyes of Oil. Suddenly everything – From the Germans in Russia, to Rommel in the desert, to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, to the concentration camps make sense: the conquest for power needed to be supported by an ever-widening supply of oil on the ground.

Nothing about modernity makes sense if you subtract oil. It’s all a kind of madness. Add oil and the lens focuses.

It’s always been about energy. And that, my fellow earthlings, is where we’re living, dying, and destroying ourselves.


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