Waking Up Into A Nightmare

This Building is Exploding 1 Liam Scheff 2010

by Liam Scheff

Talking about Boston has been the most controversial thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been attacked personally, been called more names, been hated more ferociously than in years of talking about other medical and political frauds: 911, HIV testing, Vaccination.

Boston had an attack, one that fits into:

A pattern of FEMA-DHS drills/events,

A CIA pattern of finding a patsy in advance and killing him before he can answer questions.

A pattern of intensely managed news reports with very limited, looping video.

A Blackwater modus operandi of Merc soldiers patrolling militarized zones.

A mass terror event based on explosions used to override and destroy legal rights, and even the Constitution (aka, our Magna Carta – the thing that protects us from being subject slaves to a Crown).

The United States has been the empire of record for 60 years; we’ve invaded and overthrown the leadership of at least a dozen countries in that time under the cover of the CIA. In that guise, U.S. money and clandestine services have executed thousands – many thousands – of subversive, illegal (for what that’s worth) military exercises.

These exercises involved killing, kidnapping, poisoning, stealing elections, running counterfeit mobs and training secret police forces that terrorized the citizenry. These set off powder kegs that are burning and burning today.

“We,” or the US military, with our tacit or tax-funded support, have killed millions of children, women and men around the world: in Vietnam, which was doused with Monsanto and Dow poisons, leaving an unhealable scar of birth defects; in Iraq, where a genocide has been underway since 1991, when “we” have been dropping depleted uranium on civilians.

“We” killed thousands of civilians in Panama – and the US Army buried them in mass graves in the ’91 invasion. You weren’t taught this in school. And you don’t know – and I don’t know – 90 percent of what the CIA and clandestine services have been up to. And we never will.

But now, we’ll feel it. The crows have come home, because the U.S. is no longer a country, it’s a debtor nation. We’re the new third world, and the “dirty tricks” brigade which used to poison the water in the wells of our adversaries (and those whose goods and resources we wanted) now fixes its gaze upon us, in our expensive, fragile cities, with our piped-in water, trucked-in food, oil-tar roads, and gasoline economies.

We are, all at once, a long way from what we thought was home. And we can’t go back to the way it was. All we can do, is get away from the crumbling edifice of the oil age – the age of unlimited resources, guarded by stealthy villains who we’d prefer not to know about.

When I question the events of Boston, or Sandy Hook, or Aurora, or 9/11, I do so knowing what FOIA documents and CIA defectors have revealed about their job descriptions.

It’s hard to wake up into a nightmare. But that’s where we’re living. So, wake up. Wake up. Wake. Up.

–     –     –

Liam Scheff is the author of “Official Stories,” because “official stories exist to protect officials.”



  1. I think people are more apt to call you names now because they are terrified. Back then, in the other years of talking, you’d be dismissed as a crazy conspiracy theorist. Now, they’re terrified that what you say is true. Keep preaching it!

  2. Wow..a painful truth…i never even knew about Panama…”the truth doesn’t hurt unless it ought to”

  3. Well put Liam. For every naysayer there is someone listening, and that someone takes your information and bravely shares it with others, and so on. The second people like us stop talking, we’ve sold out. ~And folks like us, well…we don’t sell out.

  4. You know…

    it doesn’t bother me so much that that “building is exploding”. Ok, yes, it does. But what REALLY bothers me is the American public that believe the mainstream media on this shit. :-)

    They’re LYING, people. Wake the fuck up.

    Just because Anderson Cooper is pretty, doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth, generally-speaking. :)

  5. And what about Kosovo. I remeber hearing vague stuff as I was working my ass off in the 90’s and it was these horrible Serbs and the muslims. Except it seems that even Muslims now say no one really knows for certain that the ditch incident was what it appeared except there were UN troops and then a lot of people died.
    ANd oh I forgot this guy Wesley Clark was there.

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