Denial-Based Tech


Announcement: There will be no talk of “free energy” on my pages. It’s as fanciful (and based in a position of psychological denial) as “clean coal, clean nuclear and clean fracking.”

No denial-based tech here. Post no bills. Reality is: we’re facing the end of the era of cheap, readily-available fossil fuels. That’s where we live. Star Trek is not a documentary. We will have no Warp drives. We have no replicators.

We will have to suffer, to work, to, once again become managers and tenders of land and animals, workers of wood and stone, builders with brick and concrete.

There will be no alien technology suppressed by governments, released just in time to save our arses from our own destructive species’ personality.

Live with it.



  1. *Somebody’s* a downer!

    Really, though, nothing lasts forever.

    I haven’t read much about “free energy”, so I have nothing to be in denial about at the moment. Generally, if something sounds too good to be true, it is.

    Energy aside, I just look around and see dense population everywhere and wonder where simple things like clean water are going to come from in the near future. I don’t even want to think about things like good, clean food (although I feel lucky to live in a part of the world with an abundance of great, wild foods). So, even if “free energy” was true, it only opens the door to population overgrowth and overuse of other resources that we can’t even imagine yet. No?

  2. I disagree about ”free energy” there are several versions that are essentially free energy…the solar energy absorbed by plants and converted into calories for example….many consider oil to be essentially free energy because it is so dense…[given this doesn’t take ecological impact into consideration]…there are other forms that are essentially free when used on a small scale….I would rather promote cheap clean energy rather than be a doom and gloomer…there are alternatives to our modern society that don’t require us to revert back to 1792

    • Go on, I’m listening. I want to hear the possibilities – what’s the ‘better than 1792’ concept? Or, your take?

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