Do You Care? A Quick Survey About the End of the World

How do we get more people to care, with energy and emphasis, about the reality of oil, fracking, and major cultural and economic change?

A. We tell them their lifestyle is at risk.

B. We tell them their health is at risk.

C. We tell them their cost of living is going to triple within 10 years.

D. We excite them about the possibility of saving money with high-tech eco-saving building material, housing designs, products, etc.

E. We scream, “You’re all going to die, you fucking morons!” as loudly as we can, over and over again, while showing pie charts of diminishing oil, increased fracking, tar sands pollution, oil spills, oil train derailments and explosions, and piles of dead, burnt bodies from the smoking remains of the 20th Century?

F. We don’t. Fuck ’em. They’ll either be or be eaten by the marauding hordes.

G. We keep it light and funny. After all, nothing can fix the problems we face, and we might as well be having some fun.

E. Your turn…



  1. Tell them that fast-food outlets will close and all reality shows will be cancelled.

  2. Yeah u got the celeb needed…Paris Hilton…
    does she even know what Fracking is?
    We know she doesn’t care abt her lifestyle
    as she doesn’t have one other than that
    silver spoon up her butt

    I’d go w “H: No one seems to be listening …bc they’re listening only to $$$”

    Maybe these brillantes need to live & vacation next to a drill and
    drink the water OR better yet mandate they frack their acreage
    and communities as their due diligence first and then see
    if they can even sell it after

  3. Tell them their lifestyle is at risk. That’s what most morons care about the most!

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