Hello E.L.E.! Fukushima Sends Her Regards

by Liam Scheff

Newsflash: Fukushima is our slow-burning Extinction Level Event.

March 2013:

“Like reactor four, reactor three had spent fuel rods sitting inside a cooling pool beneath the twisted steel and rubble. Remotely-operated cranes are being used to try and pull away the debris, but it is a painfully slow process. “”We need to remove the broken and damaged fuel and safely isolate it. This work will take 30 to 40 years. Even during the process we should never release any radioactive material into the surrounding environment.” LINK

July 2013:

“The sight of steam rising is worrying because it means somewhere inside the reactor building water is boiling, says the BBC’s Rupert Wingfield-Hayes in Tokyo. The badly damaged reactors are supposed to be in what is called “cold shutdown”; the temperature of the cooling water inside the reactor should be well below boiling point.

July 2013:

“On Monday, Tepco said the plant was likely to be leaking contaminated water into the sea, something that has been suspected for some time, but previously denied by the company. Outside experts have long suspected that the damaged reactors are leaking water, because of the very high levels of radioactive cesium still being found in samples of fish taken near the plant. ” LINK

I’d move to France…if they didn’t have more nuclear power there than anywhere in the world. I wonder if I can learn to speak Penguin? I understand Antarctica is nice, this time of year.

No, really. This will fail at some point and… then, goodbye life, in any of the ways we knew it. Really. Pack a bag, lightly.

Do you think I’m kidding or being dramatic? They’ve got nuclear fuel sitting in a rickety 3rd floor in an earthquake zone. Facing the Pacific ocean. And they will for 3 decades, according to their schedule.

We have officially eclipsed our mandate.


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  1. And nobody and nessuno is able to respond, noone not a one is response able, no ability to give response. That reason for I left racebook, and turned my face away from that book. Similar happened few years before with deep water, the b-man in charge allowed drilling in dangerous areas, nessuno could stop the oil from spilling in our ocean, fishermen got damage $$ but no fish was saved nor a mammal in the sea. However this our race as you recently called it numero uno is so superior, this race won’t even notice when being extinct. Just like the Titanic, playing the concert while the ship is sinking. Who’s got hope? For a good reason? Because there are babies born of this super intelligent master race? I doubt, mainly because there are such few who doubt.

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