Oil Rig On Fire? Nothing To See Here!

Disco Inferno

Greetings fellow prisoners servants of her Majesty, the Fed and all ships at sea! It is I, Liam, your humble narrator for this jaunt on Mr. Oil’s Wild Ride.

Do you understand that when I say, “We are going to destroy civilization in the next 30 years,” I’m not intending to be hyperbolic or dramatic. I am simply describing an ongoing ‘project.’

Welcome to the new normal, fellow Earthlings.

Oh, but, look, I’m just a clucking hen. It’s all fine:

“A drilling rig that caught fire late Tuesday after a natural gas well blew out about 55 miles off the coast of Grand Isle could continue to burn in the Gulf for several weeks while response crews work to permanently shut in the well, but the drawn-out drama is not expected to have devastating, long-term consequences, several industry and environmental experts said Wednesday.

“At this point, I think it appears to be of no threat to the environment or to human life or to sea life for that matter,” Jefferson Parish President John Young said about the burning rig.”

Shucks, see? It’s FINE!! Hey! Let’s light the whole world on fire. It’ll be fine! No big deal!! Got your COREXIT ready?? It’s like WHITE OUT!!

Liam Scheff is author of Official Stories, because “Official stories exist to protect officials.”


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