The Big Bang Religion

The Big Bang Religion
by Liam Scheff

Your Science Class Has Been Hijacked By Priests!

The Official Story about astronomy – the great big fib that you’re taught in school – is that ‘first there was nothing – which exploded,’ or ‘the big bang.’ Sounds a little crazy when you just lay it out – because it is.

This is not a testable idea, it’s not observable. It’s not scientific, in that it’s a myth, not an observation. How did we get stuck with it? Well, even scientists cling to ‘creation myths,’ and here they’ve created their own.

The Scientific Priesthood

Who invented the ‘big bang’ story? We never learn this in school. It was? A priest – Father Georges Lemaitres, in the 1920s. “First there was nothing, then there was everything.” Sound familiar? Because it is – it’s Biblical Genesis, redone with a little entirely hypothetical (unreal) math.

There is a competing model of the universe that offers a testable, resilient and observable set of principles – it’s based in plasma physics, or the physics of electrically-charged particles. This model doesn’t offer a creation myth; it instead focuses on what is visible and observable in outer space – stars, planets, galaxies, nebula, quasars, comets and asteroids – and applies the study of electromagnetics to them. And it comes up with a very impressive, predictive set of observations and data.

99.99% Pure (Plasma)

The Electric Universe (Plasma Physics) model predicts dozens of features not explained by the “whoops! it came from nowhere and blew up!” big bang religion. 99.9% of what’s in space is a “plasma” or a field of charged particles, which can receive or donate electrons – that is, they’re electromagnetically active, and carry the EM (electromagnetic) force.

That force is so much stronger than gravity that it makes you wonder why NASA ignores it. The EM force is 10 to the 39th power stronger – a thousand trillion trillion trillion times stronger than gravity. No small cheese, that. That is the force that compresses and charges stars into ‘arc-mode’ just like the plasma in a welder’s torch. It is the force that channels long filamentary currents across galaxies – these are called Birkeland currents and are inexplicable by the ‘big bang’ model.

The Big Bang model is gravity-only. It says that there was nothing, it blew up and out, for reasons no one understands, and planets and stars happen because of .. well. And that’s where they get stuck – because gravity is such a weak force. Even a balloon filled with a little heated air can break the bounds of gravity. How can this hold a sun together? How can it form planets and galaxies? Answer: it can’t – and the ‘big bang’ priesthood knows this.

But instead of looking at reality – electromagnetism – the big bang priests invented invisible super-charged space monsters to fill in the gaps. No, really. Invisible, all-powerful space monsters. Like ‘black holes, dark matter and dark energy.’ You’ve heard about them, but have you ever seen one? Has anyone? No. That’s their “mystery.”

These things cannot be seen, measured, or observed in any way. They have to be ‘assumed’ to be there by ‘inference,’ but only by the ‘experts’ in the field who believe the religion already…in other words, they were invented. They’re not real – and they’re not necessary when you allow that space is a Plasma – a field of powerfully-charged electromagnetic particles.

Bills to Pay

Does it all sound like something from the Medieval Church? That’s because it is. Worship the lies that we give you, or be a disbeliever! Black holes, big bangs! Ask no questions…(come to think of it, it all sounds a bit kinky.)

But who will say ‘the emperor has no clothes?’ Once you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for your Ph.D. in “theoretical physics,” you’re not likely to go, “Shoot, this is all a bunch of crap!” You’ve got loans to pay, a job to keep, and a lot of pressure to go with the flow…

In this ancient way, the high priests gather round to protect their dogma from criticism, hoping and knowing that most people really don’t care much about what happens in science. They’re more concerned with money, bills and their own daily dramas. But for those who want this thing called ‘science’ to progress and get out of the dark ages, we have to bother ourselves to pay attention.

Science needs a “Reformation,” just as the Medieval church had. It needs to entertain debates about its most dearly-held beliefs so that better ideas can come to the fore, rise to the top, and help us understand the actual nature of the world we live in. Not some rehashed idea from a religious text – but something more useful to us, more accurate, that shows us how things actually are, not just what modern priests, with big censor buttons, would have you believe.

You can witness some of this censorship battle raging now, as the Electric Universe film project faces censorship on youtube. Follow that story HERE or visit the “Thunderbolts” FBIbook page.

I explore Electric Universe theory in Chapter 9 of my book, “Official Stories,” because “official stories exist to protect officials.”




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  1. Despite the Familiar name given to the event,it was neither big nor was there a bang,was it Big Georgey? Big is better ha….Most of all the excuse you find about the fundamental forces of nature;EM and gravity is that although EM is stronger than gravity,it does not dominate the structure of the universe.Really how weak is it? Listen to the Nukes: because over large volumes any overall positively or negatively-charged regions cancel out each other each other! Yet we do agree that electromagnetic force is the driving force between all particles. gravity its weak yet it shapes it all in the universe and holds it all(thats a blasphemy,a total crucifiction!)Then they with optical lenses, priests of the Big Bang go further and give a theoretical demise of the universe “the Big Crunch”the end its actually the beginning.I must say thanx Liam you olways blown the lit,now I must admit when it comes to the Four Phase of matter ‘Plasma’ I never payed attention to it.Seems like they never made it popular,plasma is hardly being talked about.Black holes…

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