The Energy Show with Liam Scheff

The Energy Show 5

Press Release:

A couple of months, no a quadruple couple of months of deeeeep immersion — and I’ve got the title for my new project. It required a sea-change, a complete surrender to the topic – and I’m quite metamorphosed for it. (Because it’s all about energy.)

Energy – it’s what the world lives on, it’s what we’re chasing, and its pursuit is why we’re destroying our world so thoughtlessly.

Can we change? Maybe. Not easily. Not all. Not all at once. Not entirely likely. But. Some of us will. And I’d like to be useful in that change.

So follow the LINK. “The Energy Show,” and stay tuned for a new blog announcement.

The FBIbook page will be updated with new shows, video appearances, a new radio broadcast (currently working out a 2 hour show, looking for network and sponsors), and new publications….

Share the info, tell your friends. Energy is the present and future of the world. If we don’t figure it out, it’s surely going to do us in….

Thanks for being friends, CIA informants, FBI moles, and fans.


Liam Scheff is the author of “Official Stories,” because “official stories exist to protect officials.”


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