New Article: The Map of Now

I have a new article, published by Thinking Moms’ Revolution:

“The Map of Now”

by Liam Scheff
for Thinking Moms’ Revolution.


“In the past three months, two mothers of autistic children have tried to kill those children and then themselves. ”

You may not know it; you may rebel against the thought. You may reject it. But these children were murdered long before their mothers lost all faith in the universe, before their frayed nerves ignited into a whirlwind of madness.”

“If mothers are not allowed to choose to avoid this poisoning, you will see not only an epidemic of autism, but its inevitable consequence: the collapse of motherhood. The broken souls of mothers who’ve never been able to see their infant become an adult, or even a self-sufficient child, will run out of options. And the strength that has to be prayed for every night, just to get through the following twelve – or two – hours, will fail her.”

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