Oblivion – The Argument/Review

by Liam Scheff

Note: This conversation may or may not have taken place, yesterday, soon or tomorrow. This “Argument Review” is a story in the Fragments series.


Jeff is stalling – still. Still waiting for me to say it for him.

“How is it possible that you can’t just say it? It…?”

Jeff looks at me and says nothing, just raises his eyebrows ever so slightly, knowing what’s coming. I lean into it more, “iiiitt!” Letting the “t” pop like a soda can at the end. “IT!”

“It didn’t — “

Suck,” we say at the same time.

He looks directly at me to let me know he’s aware of the joke and says, “If that’s what you want me to say.”

“You already said it. ‘Suck,’ you said. Just now.”

Jeff stops looking at me and feigns disinterest, leaning his head on his neck as if relaxing. “No,” he sighs, “I’m not going to play rhetorical games.”

“Oh, ‘rhetorical,’ he says! Impressive word.”

He perks back up and counters. “It didn’t suck. It was just not…”

“What? Good?”

“I was going to say, it was just not great.”

“Ah. Not great. Which part was not great? The part where they live in a billion-dollar plastic and glass New Mexico Frank Lloyd Wright clear-walled house on top of a 50-story flag pole jutting off the top of a…what, a mountain top? And they’re not being struck by freaking lightning every 15 seconds?”

“Look…” interrupts Jeff, with the voice of gentle correction – but I’m rolling.

Read the rest of the story-review at S74 Comics.


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