Syria’s Chemical Weapons Sold With Licenses by UK Companies – Fluoride!?

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, kicks the current PSY-OP LIE all the way into the sewer that it came from.

Pay attention to the details, and you never know what you’ll find!

Mike Adams, founder of and its media affiliates, digs and discovers the truth about the new “Kill Syria” Lie being perpetrated by the White House and its Banker/Oil-goggled controllers:

1. UK Companies sought and were given LICENSES to SELL “chemical weapons” to Syria.

2. The “chemical weapons” were… FLUORIDE. The crap the government FORCES into your body through your water.

SEND THIS VIDEO to your Congress members – and everyone else you know.


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  1. Thank you for the information. Unfortunately, it got me to look and see if the water is fluoridated where I live. I suspected it was, but…living so close to a city that DOESN’T fluoridate its water, I had some hope.

    I’ll send this information to people I know, but I have little to no faith in our members of Congress.

    Nice to finally hear that some of our “leaders” actually call fluoride a “chemical weapon”.

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