Science is Fact!

Science is Fact

Science is fact!

• Fact is data, interpreted through a worldview.

Science is observation!

• Observation is subjective.

Science is measurement!

• Measurements are linear and limited.

Science is Truth!

• Nothing is all knowable.



Liam Scheff is a journalist, radio host and author of “Official Stories,” because “official stories exist to protect officials.” 

© Liam Scheff 2014



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  1. Hey Liam. Loved Official Stories. I enjoy your zany videos too, e.g., “Science says…”

    If science defied science and became a person rather than a highly heterogenous, subjective thing, do you
    think it would be that impossibly hot & busty babe in a lab coat struttin’ around in every single Hollywood drama? I do.


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