1. Hi Liam! I very much enjoyed your conversation with Charlie McGrath although it was terribly short for the material needing to be covered.

    If you REALLY want to be courageous and take on the REALLY TABOO “official stories” of our current culture, you should be exposing:

    1. Man-Made (CO2-based) Global Warming

    2. The Jewish “Holocaust” of WWII

    Both of the above are false religions unto themselves in the guises of (#1) science and (#2) history. Thanks for your work.

    • Thank you for your note. I find the new fascination with calling everything in history a “lie” to be a bit careless. It lacks subtlety in thinking. Or, if there is a lie there, than the truth is complex.

      There have been dozens, nay, hundreds of holocausts. No reason to put it in quotes. It’s not an ironical statement. Human beings have killed each other in large groups throughout recorded history for reasons of real or perceived ethnic or ‘racial’ differences. Jews were persecuted in Europe since the beginning of Judaism. That’s not remotely controversial. And they weren’t the only ones.

      Women were, since the dawn of agriculture, made slaves to the home, and property of the male, as were children. Male homosexuals, similarly, have also been hunted from the beginning of the Christian era. Africans, too, received a long holocaust in the form of slavery and all that accompanies it – rape, murder and population control. If you’d want to point out that some African kings sold slaves, you’d be correct, but it wouldn’t change the reality that slavery was real. Turks killed Armenians; Chinese killed Tibetans, and Chinese; Japanese killed Chinese; and if you want to stop to point out that the ancient Hebrews killed their enemies in Biblical stories, according to religious doctrine or direction from their thunder God Yahweh, you’d be correct.

      Hungary deported its Jews, Europeans killed Native Americans all over two continents; slavery was the norm in the ancient world; now indentured servitude reigns supreme. We in the west are reliant on a functionally captive Asian “slave” population to produce the shiny plastic and metal electronica that we seem to think is required for living.

      So, I have little to no idea what you’re implying. I think your statement reflects a poor understanding of history. Or, if you mean to argue that numbers of dead from work camps were inflated or are inaccurate in places, you can make that argument; I assume estimates are always wrong. If you mean to argue that some statistics have been inflated to create a greater sense of suffering and loss – you could make that argument, though you don’t, you just call it a fraud. If you mean to say that the state of Israel has used the Holocaust as a kind of blanket excuse to get away with ethnic murder and suppression of Palestinians, I think you could make a good argument. But the German state in the 1930s began a process of rounding up, incarcerating and killing many people – but with a special emphasis on Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals; as always – the religious minority, the darker skinned and the gay males. If you don’t see the pattern throughout history, then you’re not looking.

      Regarding temperature change around the world: it’s something that humans are noticing and paying attention to. I think the interaction of the Sun – the electric sun model – the solar system and the power source that feeds it – electromagnetic currents coming into our solar system and galaxy – are worth considering, and I talk about this in Chapter 9 of my book.

      Thank you for reading and taking an interest, of course.

  2. I use the basic terms "right" and &qnoo;wroug,&qutt; but I'm an absolutist, relatively speaking. :DI feel, like you, that these terms are meaningless, now. Liberals tend to be anything but – a more absolutist group I've rarely seen – and conservatives conserve nothing, but seek to tear down and burn.

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