America the Sexually Schizophrenic

The ancient Hebrew tribe, sandwiched between the Assyrians, Persians and a dozen other competitive rivals, sought to differentiate themselves by creating a different sexual-social landscape than their non-Yahweh-worshiping peers. To do so, they made male homosexual relationships, which were not given much (if any legal consideration) in neighboring tribes and civilizations, into a legally-punishable (in fact, deadly) “sin.” The same was done for anyone practicing sex for….Enjoyment. Yes, sex, according to Hebrew law, was only there for making babies. To have it for other reasons was a punishable “sin.”

While Jews today will not recognize either of these as inheritances from their ancient past – it was another, now dominant group which has completely absorbed the ‘teachings’ of the Pentateuch – the first five books that were made into the Hebrew Bible (The Old Testament of the Christian Faith)…

Christians and Catholics carry on the dark and fearful beliefs of the ancient Middle East, and one not-very-successful tribe, which was nearly destroyed time and again – until it rebranded itself under the name of a Messiah who sent a very different message than that of Yahweh.

Go figure. It’s where we live, and where we get our need to chase invisible and invented Sex Demons like “HPV” and “HIV,” while simultaneously turning children (Miley, Britney, Lindsay) into mini “whores of Babylon,” while waiting for them to get old enough to pose in Playboy.

It’s America. Land of sexual schizophrenia.

Learn all about it in Chapters 5 and 6 of “Official Stories,” the book that drills into the gooey religious center of science.


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