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Announcing a One-Day Kindle Sale, this Wednesday, 99¢. One-day, One-Time event. Please share with all of your friends, family, readers, colleagues. Share. Share. Share. This Wednesday (Late Tues PM to Late Wed PM). Available Worldwide.

Starting late Tues. PM, 99 Cents.

THIS WEDNESDAY, July 30, 2014 Only.

Please share widely.

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Praise for “Official Stories”:

“Candid, concise and hard-hitting” – Jim Marrs, Author/Investigator “The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy”

“The book is dynamite…a superb summation.” – Dr. Charles Geshekter, Emeritus Professor

“The book has a tasty entertaining appeal which is only exceeded by it’s stunning educational value.” – Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, Medical Director, Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research, International Best Selling Author of “The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away”

“Humorous and fast-paced.” – Clark Baker, Director

“Revealing and entertaining satire.” – Terry Michael, Director of

“We’re hooked, and we want to be hooked.” – Jon Rappoport, Author/Investigator “The Matrix Revealed”

“If you are ready to lift the veil, read this book.” – Leslie Manookian, Producer, “The Greater Good” vaccine documentary.

“Brilliant and timely. Good luck putting this book down, because with each chapter you will want to know about the next ‘Official Story.’” – Robert Scott Bell, Homeopath and National Radio Host

“Most of the people who are skeptical of official stories are, in fact, analyzing conspiracies in an attempt to understand what really happened and what took place behind closed doors. A highly-recommended book the delves into this matter in more detail is the five-star-rated masterpiece “Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need” by Liam Scheff. This book will open the minds of those who still have the cognitive capability remaining to grasp it. – Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger,” founder, Natural


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