The Details Undo The Myth

The Details Undo the Myth.

Current theories (mythological frameworks) of science that are completely wrong:

AIDS theory.
Cancer theory.
Viral theory.
Genetic theory.
Darwinian evolutionary theory.
Big bang astronomical theory and its children:
Black hole, dark matter, dark energy ‘theory.’
Plate tectonics theory.
Vaccine theory.

Current social theories that are completely wrong:

Marriage for life.
Monogamy is natural.
Nuclear family.
Prohibition (of intoxicants, plants).

Feel at your absolute liberty and leisure to walk up to any of your friends, acquaintances or colleagues and inform them of these realities:

“Oh, you still believe that? Vaccine theory was completely wrong! They’ve known that for decades! A century! AIDS theory? You’ve got to be kidding me! Was never true. Big Bang? Please! Grow up.”

Add your own. Argue it. Ask why. Read the critics.

Liam Scheff is author of “Official Stories,” drilling to the core of the gooey religious center of science.


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