We’re All Going to be Genetically-Altered Lab Rats for Freedom. Soon! NOW!

– BonoBama!

by Liam Scheff

Headline: Monsanto Excited to Destroy Africa (as they have India and the United States). Crowds Cheer!

Degrees of Joy and Sorrow…

Bono Vox, once Paul Hewson, lead iPod salesman from the U2 Corporation, International, wants YOU to help HIM put Monsanto in charge of…Africa! Which part? All of it, I think.

Yes, our Bono, once a skilled and high-flying poet/singer in the field of “the end of rock and roll,” now (again) reveals he is as potently brain-dead a political shill as he was an emotional cipher for lost generations. (Potent in two genres – very gifted, he).

It seems to stand against reason that an Irish Catholic/Protestant freedom-fighter, who spent the first decade of his career singing songs (apparently) for the downtrodden in the ‘Let’s-Kill-Each-Other-To-Death-For-Jesus’ Christian wars of his famished country, would have then spent the majority of two decades struggling for the rights of those poor, down-trodden international pharma drug corporations to put Nevirapine (what?) into the bodies of pregnant African women.

Nevirapine? Funny word! Funny drug.

Funny! They give it to gay men! Funny! They give it to children and pregnant women!


Yes, that’s right. AIDS drugs kill people. I know! Shocking. Hey. You gotta lose your mental virginity sometime. They lied to  you, Princess. They lied to us all….

But, perhaps it’s not so surprising. After all, he is Irish (read “guilt-sex-shame”), divided between Protestantism and Catholicism, bedecked in the purple and scarlet trappings of the late Roman Empire and its church here on Earth (with branches in Rome and at the National Institutes of Health). Should we be surprised that he was so easily convinced that Africans died because they had sex?

Those of us who eventually read beyond the headlines and iPod commercials came to understand that what the AIDS cabal was practicing was really an old saw called “eugenics.” IE; “Stop the black man from breeding, kill the poor – it’ll be better for everyone!” Malthus, Darwin, Churchill, Fauci.

And so Bono saw it with his own eyeglasses: “Yes, they’re starving! Let’s Blame SEX!”

– those Africans are hungry. Drug ’em! FOR LOVE AND PEACE!

And now that he’s gotten that out of his system, it’s onto food. Why should anyone be able to eat food that grows, when the Irish had to starve? Good and fair question. The answer is: We shouldn’t! We’re going to all be genetically-altered lab rats for freedom. Soon! NOW!

“At the G8 Summit held two weeks ago at Camp David, President Obama met with private industry and African heads of state to launch the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, a euphemism for monocultured, genetically modified crops and toxic agrochemicals aimed at making poor farmers debt slaves to corporations, while destroying the ecosphere for profit. And Bono, of the rock group U2, is out shilling for Monsanto on this one.” – Activist Post

And our Bono-bo? He’s taking the lead from Barry Obama, whose strings are pulled (and power granted) by Cargill and Monsanto, Dupont, Pepsi, Syngenta and the rest of the heroes of the, ahem, ‘green revolution.’

“It’s phase 2 of the Green Revolution. Tanzania, Ghana, and Ethiopia are the first to fall for the deception, with Mozambique, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and other African nations lining up for the “Grow Africa Partnership,” under Obama’s “Global Agricultural Development” plan.”

But the Green Revolution is a beautiful inversion, like “intelligence agency” and “corporate freedom.” It really means: “The Dead Soil Plot:”

“[T]he Green Revolution was a scam to use cheap fossil fuels to increase monocrop yield, drive tens of millions off the land, and use the stolen land and food to render food temporarily artificially cheap for Western consumerism.

“”The soil is stripped of all nutrition and zombified by ever-increasing applications of synthetic fertilizer. Monoculture is ever more dependent on the increasing application of ever more toxic herbicides and pesticides. Deployment of GMOs escalates these vulnerabilities. Factory farms can exist only with ever increasing use of antibiotics. All these systems are extremely tenuous, vulnerable, not robust, not resilient. They’re all guaranteed to collapse. Hermetic monoculture, and industrial agriculture as such, is one big hothouse flower which requires perfect conditions to survive….” – Activist Post

Get it? We’re all going to die in a famine! YAY! That’ll solve the overpopulation problem…

Why in a famine? Because…do I have to explain it? Okay. You know, when the weeds mutate, the strains mal-adjust to the tinkered germline, the hostile bacteria overwhelm the weakened and altered genotype; and the bore worms and fungi find a new weakness introduced by our Ph.D. candidate lab-techs, working diligently on destroying the world, PCR by PCR…

“Insects have also developed resistance. As reported last August, “The Western rootworm beetle – one of the most serious threats to corn – has developed resistance to Monsanto’s Bt-corn, and entire crops are being lost.”

In March, two dozen corn entomologists warned regulators that the only way to defeat growing insect resistance to genetically modified corn is to plant non-GMO seed. “Increasing pesticide use or buffer zone size will not solve the growing problem of rootworm resistance to corn genetically modified.” – Activist Post

That’s the plan, anyway!

And when the worldwide crop die-off happens… it’s gonna be very Aztec, all of a sudden. Aztec? Well, sure, you remember. From the movie? That’s when people maybe were chronically protein deficient and… uhm…) Wow, you know what people taste like??

– Not just racist hogwash! Soylent temple God is Hungry.

“Through cannibalism, the Aztecs appear to have been attempting to reduce very particular nutritional deficiencies. Under the conditions of high population pressure and class stratification that characterized the Aztec state, commoners or lower-class persons rarely had the opportunity to eat any game, even the domesticated turkey, except on great occasions.

They often had to content themselves with such creatures as worms and snakes and an edible lake-surface scum called “stone dung,” which may have been algae fostered by pollution from Tenochtitlán.

Preliminary research seems to indicate that although fish and waterfowl were taken from the lakes, most of the Aztec poor did not have significant access to this protein source and were forced to be near-vegetarians, subsisting mainly on domesticated plant foods such a maize and beans.” LINK

We taste like pork, or, so say the head-hunters, new and old.

But we’ll at least be able to get our Soylent Green at a big box store – that’ll save us some pesos!!

Have fun at Wal*Mart! I hear they’re opening a new one everyday! In AFRICA! 

Hey, you can use your Project Red credit card! You’ll earn triple Soylent points on every killing…

Liam Scheff is author of “Official Stories,” drilling to the core of the gooey religious center of science.



  1. are you now a believer in widespread cannibalism among nonEuropeans just like your buddy Chris Ryan who follows Marvin Harris ignorant writings arguing that not eating meat leads to cannibalism? Harris is completely ignorant of nutrition. by his argument shouldn’t you be a cannibal by now? have you heard or read the book Man Eating Myth by W Arens, he’s the Liam Scheff of Anthropology.

    ever ask what’s the evidence for Aztec cannibalism? it’s interesting that when Europeans commit genocide while accusing their victims of cannibalism nobody asks for any evidence proving the crime. we all just believe with no evidence necessary. the lack of evidence is used as evidence that we are PC in not wanting to face the monumental evil of those we butcher. for good reason we are told with no evidence necessary.

    the article you cite also says the Aztecs ate pond scum which we call today spirulina which is a superfood. where would those poor nonEuropeans be today if whitey didn’t share God’s morality and superior western culture. pond scum only had value when whitey discovered it before that it was proof of the inequity of those culture-less savages.

    • Try to have a sense of humor, D-man.

      I’ve read a lot about cannibalism. That’s a strange sentence, isn’t it? I’ve read Marvin Harris’ stuff – I think Harris was often brilliant. I’ve looked at the other books that show up on Amazon or in the library. I’ll read your suggested book – which is just an argument, not ‘the truth.’ Smoke something and relax. Keep ketchup around. It’ll help with whatever happens.

      And the article was about what? Bono. AIDS drugs. Monsanto. Can you do a man a favor and try to respond as though the article was ABOUT something? Not just your agitated peccadillo? Where are people’s manners these days. Sheesh.

      Widespread? Take your meds. Honestly. One culture was named.


      I guess it’s a ‘myth’ unless you want it to be true?

      “However, the world’s first cannibal incident reported by multiple, independent, first-hand accounts took place during the Crusades by European soldiers, Rubenstein says.

      These first-hand stories agree that in 1098, after a successful siege and capture of the Syrian city Ma’arra, Christian soldiers ate the flesh of local Muslims. Thereafter the facts get murky, Rubenstein says. Some chroniclers report that the bodies were secretly consumed in “wicked banquets” borne out of famine and without the authorization of military leaders, Rubenstein says. Other reports suggest the cannibalism was done with tacit approval of military superiors who wished to use stories of the barbaric act as a psychological fear tactic in future Crusade battles.”

      The obvious problem with your dude’s book is that there have always been incidents of cannibalism in the world. You can find it in tribes in the very recent past – perhaps in the present. You can look up photos of ‘head-hunting’ tribes cooking ‘long pig.’ What, those weren’t ‘sanctioned?’ Don’t be naive.

      They did eat pond scum, and so do we. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirulina_%28dietary_supplement%29#Historical_use

      It’s not an argument about skin color – which seems to be your whipping boy – but about nutrition and the availability of fat and protein sources. I’ll read his book! And thanks for the recommendation. That’s what I can do. But, relax. Really. Who cares? You have your Monsanto-land food to keep you warm, as do we all. For now.


      Readings for and against your man’s argument. The critical ‘againsts’ seem to have the floor, though some add to your case – though not in your words. They argue that the hypocrisy is there – and so is the history of cannibalism.








      • there’s also the video of one of the CIA’s anti-Syrian terrorists eating his victim’s lung. not evidence of cultural cannibalism but evidence enough that the US is an insane country run by murderous psychopaths.
        the argument was that not eating domesticated animals is not proof of protein deficiency(for Harris and Harner it is) and of course protein deficiency doesn’t lead necessarily to cannibalism(but for them it’s science). the conquered did suffer malnutrition under the Spanish because the Spanish destroyed their society and even prohibited them from cultivating a staple grain amaranth.
        Mexicans continued to eat Spirulina. are they allowed that choice or are they being forced to eat pond scum?
        It’s also worth rereading Duesberg’s writing on Gajdusek, ‘Unconvinced, anthropologist Lyle Steadman of Arizona State University has investigated and directly challenged Gajdusek, claiming “there is no evidence of cannibalism in New Guinea.” Steadman, who spent two years doing fieldwork in New Guinea, noted that he often heard tales of cannibalism but when he probed, the evidence evaporated.’
        why do you think Gajdusek got the Nobel? of course he proved scientifically that they were cannibals except of course he didn’t, but who cares, if the slow virus is also a fraud, HPV vaccine is good for somebody’s economy.

        I love that you cite wikipedia as a source it set up to follow the interests of hearsay not the rules of evidence. I could make the same consensus/authority argument against Duesberg and for HIV or against the electric universe and for big bangs and black holes. I don’t and neither should you. what Harris and Harner are essentially saying is that a plant based diet leads to cannibalism aren’t you a little bit suspicious of that? you’re a vegetarian right? is it only your Western morality that’s keeping you from cannibalism? ps westerners are especially immoral it’s why the US rules the world.

      • Dylan, you’re very rude and very impatient. If I decide that Harris is wrong, I’ll say so. That’s what I always do. I think, I read, I reflect. Do you? Maybe you’re wrong. You haven’t granted that possibility.

        I don’t cite the wikipedia – I post it as one of many places to do reading. Posting a link to do comparative research is not a ‘citation.’ I always recommend reading the Wikipedia – and its critics – to see the mainstream, then to get underneath the official story. I posted your book, which you didn’t pause to recognize.

        You have to give people a chance to read and think; you’re clearly on a tear and on a mission – it’s not conversational, it’s not fair, or fun.

        What do you want? To win? You have to let people make up their own minds. You have to give them time to read, digest and think.

        Thank you for buying the book.

      • I did use irony in some parts of what I wrote. maybe it didn’t come through. it was too heavy handed.
        White people like Bono or Bill Clinton are not saviors. I agree with you. but for Harner the West is, at least it’s implicit to what he wrote. I like whale.to also. try convincing Chris Ryan that HIV is a fraud. He “knows better.” he takes the liberal position and believes that we are too greedy in not giving Africa enough Aids drugs. and of course we all know Africa is ravaged by Aids unless you care about actual evidence then it’s a different story and you’re off to the margins with Peter Duesberg. evidence be damned.

        I agree I could be more sociable. the internet tends towards trolling. Bono is a himbo. keep up the good work

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