We Modern Blood Sacrificers

by Liam Scheff

We modern liberals aren’t smart enough to realize that when we force people to vaccinate, we’re emulating the Catholic Church’s rite of Baptism.

We believe that injecting small bodies with liquid siphoned out of dead animal organs is “scientific.”

We can’t be bothered to understand the effects of pushing metals and chemicals into muscle tissue.

It is part of our inherited religion; this is the new blessing. This is how we welcome souls over the threshold of life.

We used to dowse in smoke, smear with ash or blood, or make a small cut somewhere on the body to symbolize the passage from the spirit world to this one, but we’re no longer “superstitious,” or so we tell ourselves…

But the mind that has rejected all tribal ritual can’t help but to frantically seek a replacement in a new religion.

Vaccination is a replacement for an ancient ritual. It is not a science, it is not medicine. It is a group occult ritual involving animal and human sacrifice, blood poisoning, pain and trauma.

Ask the question: “What is in a vaccine?”

Liam Scheff is author of “Official Stories,” drilling to the core of the gooey religious center of science.



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