You Are Free To Fall In Love

You Are Free

To fall in love and:
• Bind your life to one another’s
• Be responsible for each other’s health
• Manage each other’s bank accounts
• Become each other’s sole therapist, confidante and counselor
• Cut out other friends to favor your one, true love
• Restrict your movements
• Become co-trip planners
• Travel exclusively with each other
• Stop laughing with people you’re attracted to
• Pretend you’re not attracted to anyone ever
• Give someone else a lock and key to your hips and groin
• Force yourself to perform sexually as a matter of duty
• Get fed up with each other and become anxious, peevish neurotic and bitchy
• Drift apart into hobbies because neither of you are permitted to remain interested in other people
• Develop jealousy as a kind of hobby and sport
• Co-sign mortgages, car payments and bills
• Share all earnings equally
• Fill out joint tax forms
• Have babies
• Be co-parents, child therapists, guidance counselors
• Become the two primary templates on which new people will base their entire social, psychological and sexual identities
• Become each other’s estate managers
• Buy insurance for your joint possessions
• Inherit each other’s school loan debt
• Fight with abandon
• Learn to despise yourself for being frustrated with your perfect relationship
• Eventually fail, separate, take time off or divorce
Start Over.

(We’re going to have to change the way we bind and stricture people together if we’re going to survive the coming cultural decline. Don’t fall for the culturally-directed deal; define your own relationships)


Liam Scheff is author of “Official Stories,” unmasking the myths of culture.


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