Crazy, Stupid, Non-Monogamy

In the movie “Crazy, Stupid Love,” Cal (Steve Carell) is dumped by his wife who has had sex with someone else (Kevin Bacon – always up to no good). So, they split up.

Cal then gets lessons in picking up girls from a talented pick-up artist (Ryan Gosling), who gets him ready for the single’s scene. Cal starts having “luck.”

Though Gosling is the world’s best skirt chaser, he has the hots for another girl who doesn’t like him, but eventually convinces her to give him a chance. That girl turns out to be Cal’s oldest daughter, which causes a rift between them.

Cal’s wife misses him but is offended that he’s had such good luck with women after she dumped him. So she dumps him again and picks up with Kevin Bacon (you bastard).

In the end, Cal makes a dramatic speech to his wife in front of his kid’s entire school about soul-mates, or something. It’s a bit of a mess.

He gives a “blessing” for Gosling to have at his daughter, of course, because they all have to make up, despite knowing he’s a cooze hound.

This entire movie could have been avoided if everyone had just admitted from the start that human beings are not a monogamous species. Cal, the good father, wouldn’t have been dumped; his wife wouldn’t have confused Kevin Bacon for anything but a good lay (you shithead, Bacon!)

We’re not a monogamous species. Somebody tell Hollywood.


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