Our Sex-Shaming Culture

Our sex-shaming culture gets its marching orders directly from one place:

The Bible.

Specifically, the Old Testament (which informs the New Testament, so don’t feel superior, Jesus people).

The “Bible” emerges from the warring herding cultures of the ancient Near East. Women in herding cultures were property, and the roles for men were predefined and limited (they were even circumcised to show that their sexual identity belonged to an angry punitive sky daddy).

And if you think you’ve escaped this by being an atheist or “pro-science,” think again. This culture extends all the way through the academic structures into medicine and science, which are the priest class of today, branding people with fake sexual ailments, and subjecting them to ritualistic drugging and injections which cause slow death.

What people do in the name of religion – or science – is what becomes real. That’s the tragedy of human civilization.



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  1. I’m sure that a substantial proportion of “pro-science” folks don’t see themselves falling into the same cultural, mental traps and dogmas they so readily see others falling into.

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