Be prepared to grow food: This Moment In Oil and Cultural Decline

By Liam Scheff

Realities and predictions:

Energy, water and food are all on the decline. With the imminent surrender of California to “reality” (aka, it’s a desert, everybody, and it always was!), food in the U.S. is about to become very expensive – give it months to a year. As an exodus from California pushes populations up in other cities and towns, “jobs” (aka, meaningless work that you do for meaningless currency) will be scarcer than they already are.

In the next presidential administration, the government (Federal and States) will institute “Green corps” programs that are really farming and labor camps, to “transition the economy” from one of infinite Chinese slave labor to that of local American serfdom.

As this is happening, the International banking syndicates (like the Bank for International Settlements) will negotiate the dollar out of the de facto position as the thing people use to buy oil – aka – the petrol dollar. It will probably put gold and silver back on the map as the means to buy oil. When it does, the dollar will be worth, perhaps, the paper it’s printed on, and not much more.

I give that a year or three after the first big decline in American fracked gas and oil (2016/17). This depends on a number of variables, including how long we can maintain the 140 million barrels of oil per year to run the gun that we point at the world. (That’s our military, and that’s what it uses. Remember, all commercial and civilian sectors use 19 million barrels – per day.)

As this is happening, fake enemies will be manufactured by world governments to push back against the international banking strategy, and international wars with old enemies and new – and old friends – will be declared.

And the stupid, ignorant masses will rally for a fight for “freedom” and national identity. And millions – tens and probably hundreds – will die everywhere. Which works out fine for the elite, who know that there are too many of us on Earth, and know that they can’t convince anyone to just use birth control or engage in family planning (that would be, gasp, inhuman!) Because we’re all so so special and unique and individual! Yay! So, now we get to be cannibals.

These brutal wars will suck dry much of the remaining oil, and the United States and its fading allies will only be able to lose – as world oil declines in production (which has been happening since 2005, despite the small, temporary bump from fracking).

The U.S. will be knocked back into – if we’re very lucky – the early 20th Century, as infrastructure dwindles and food has to be grown locally. But more likely, we’ll be facing the 1700 and 1800s again.

Many places will leap-frog backwards further, right into the Middle Ages, and lapse into banditry – like that of the ancient Khanate (Genghis and Kublai) and Attila (that saucy Hun), as stealing, raiding, plundering and violence are easier for some than gentle, generous, patient, tolerant, practical, communication-based town-building.

It’ll happen slowly, inexorably, but, it’s where we’re headed.

There are no solutions except: Grow your food, and make sure your neighbors are, too, and theirs, and theirs, and theirs.

You don’t have to like each other. You just have to protect each other. The first step is making food a local commodity.

Liam Scheff is author of Official Stories, a reverse textbook to all the fibs you were taught in school; his current project and next book is “The Oil Alarm” all about the collapse we’re just beginning to soak up, coast to coast.


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  1. Beside growing your own food, it might be a good idea to know what wild edibles grow within relatively easy reach. Where I’m at, there’s blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries, hazelnuts, walnuts, miner’s lettuce, dandelions…the list goes on.

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