Monogamy Vs Reality

The Truth about LOVE…

The new novel by Liam Scheff. Available today.


“Is anybody really monogamous?” That’s the question on the mind of Will, a 32-year-old graphic artist working at the bottom rung of a Boston ad agency, using his artistic skills to draw portraits of the beautiful women he knows…

In this novel about love, sex and romance, the truth is revealed to look nothing like the storybook version, as Will is left to wonder: Is anybody really monogamous? And deep down, is he?


In this novel by “Official Stories” author Liam Scheff, you’re invited into a world that you’ll immediately recognize. In this fictionalized but semi-autobiographical account, we discover that true romance does not require exotic vacations, expensive hotel rooms, or movie-star looks or lines. It occurs without warning, at work, in cars and subways, in elevators and on bridges, at bars and parties, in apartments and on walks and talks with friends and lovers.


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