Astronomers Slowly Begin To Realize Official Stories is Better Than NASA’s Thinking

If you read my book, “Official Stories,” you’ll learn in Ch.9 that we are on an electromagnetic planet in an electromagnetic sea of charged particles; a plasma – which forms in distinct patterns, cords or currents, tubes and layers. No, there was no ‘big bang,’ that’s a myth invented by a priest in the 1920s. We live in a plasma-filled and fueled, electrical universe.

The book: Official Stories: Counter-arguments for a culture in need

The mainstream can’t quite let itself catch up – here’s them trying to make sense of reality, while holding onto the broken big bang model.

“”We saw a striking pattern in the sky where stripes of high-density plasma neatly alternated with stripes of low-density plasma. This pattern drifted slowly and aligned beautifully with the Earth’s magnetic field lines, like aurorae,” Ms Loi said.” [LINK]

They say, they “realize they may be onto something big.”

Uh. Yeah. It’s called plasma physics. It’s been around for a hundred years. “Official Stories” strikes again.

Liam Scheff is author of Official Stories, a reverse textbook to all the fibs you were taught in school; his current project and next book is “The Oil Alarm” all about the collapse we’re just beginning to soak up, coast to coast.




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