Betting on Reality

Our Food comes from oil; Our Population exists in numbers solely because of that food; and Our Oil is in decline.

We have used up the oil that used to flow easily out of Texas, California, Mexico, Venezuela, the North Sea, Indonesia and most of the big fields we’ve relied on. We’re pumping Saudi Arabia into decline and filling it with sea water along the way.

The chimp cage called “Wall Street” tells us we can fix this by blowing up every parcel of land in the world for whatever sticky crap lies beneath. Tar sands, fracking – these are worlds different than the oil we built our modern disaster on.

The long and short term result of decreasing availability of cheap oil is:

That our way of life – this late 20th Century futuristic ghetto of Monsanto products driven 24/7/365 – will die back to a manageable decade and century. Whether the clock turns back to the early 20th, or 19th, or 18th century, nobody really knows. It won’t be the same everywhere; in some places, it will be – it has been – much worse.

Most people in America are unaware that there is even a problem. Those who are tend to frame it in a fantasy narrative, claiming that there is going to be a “mass awakening of consciousness,” or “a paradigm shift.”

But that’s the fantasy Hollywood ending. We’re the same species – we’ve never had a “mass awakening of consciousness” and we never will. We’re a kind of animal on the face of the earth with a number of primary needs and habits. We don’t “rise above our nature.” We only live out our complex nature.

We’re always going to be this way because we’re always going to be the same idiotic, short-sighted species. So stop betting on fantasy. If you want to get ahead – plan for what’s most likely.

That means we revert to what nature intends: that food come from nearby. That our lives are lived nearby. That means: Start growing food.

We’re losing access to everything we’ve been stealing – oil, fuel, fish, food – and the only solution to the end result is the one that feeds you – and those around you.

Grow food. It’s not overly difficult; it’s not overtly political; but it’s the most important political thing you can do. More important than debates; than voting, or than donating to a cause.

Start growing actual food. Not herbs, not decorative flowers. But stuff that sustains you. Heavy starches, peas, beans, potatoes, yams, squash, root vegetables; small animals, fish, ducks, quail, etc.

This is how we lived for 10s of 1000s of years. Now we have decades of forgetting to make up for in a short period of time. And mostly, we’re not going to adjust well.

Get going… together – we can’t all do it.

But in neighborhoods – some of us can.

The Oil Alarm


Liam Scheff is author of Official Stories, a reverse textbook to all the fibs you were taught in school; his current project and next book is “The Oil Alarm” all about the collapse we’re just beginning to soak up, coast to coast.


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  1. “Heavy starches such as potatoes, yams, root vegetables along with peas, beans, squashes etc. Omnivores willing to butcher and dress their own meat should raise domestic fowl, rabbits and farmable fish.”

    There – fixed it for ya.

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