Rolling Stone Can’t Think About Radiation

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by Liam Scheff

Rolling Stone unveils its new, brain-toxic, flabby “think piece” about… yes. Weather. Weather will kill us all. Maybe. Unless a few plucky university activists get to ban CO2 and declare it enemy of the State, king of ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the Legion of Doom combined. (Stop breathing now! Try harder!)

Hey, maybe weather is changing everywhere, and maybe CO2, plus sun variability, plus a thousand reasons nobody understands all have some role in it. You now have my permission to shut down all industry and return us to a manageable way of life – in which we’re all growing food locally.

What’s that? None of this is mentioned in the Rolling Stone stink piece? Hm. Well, I’m sure it’s just an oversight…Surely they’re not actually appealing to authority to fix the problem caused by those in…power… No. No! No. They would never…


I’m always slightly dumbfounded by the climate people. You get the usual stuff about the models being “more complex than predicted,” then when they get one right, they’re very pleased. Then there’s the mass death in Pacific. For reasons “no one understands” – everything is dying.

But there is no mention of… radiation.

Come on…..really? We’re not allowed to include an ongoing three core nuclear meltdown in “Pacific troubles?” It’s all ‘slightly warmer water?’

“You talk to fishermen, and they all say: ‘We’ve never seen anything like this before,’ ” says Peterson. “So when you have no experience with something like this, it gets like, ‘What the hell’s going on?’ “

Huh! I wonder what “the hell has been going on” since March, 2011? In the Pacific??

Never mind! It’s not important!!!

Maybe if salmon are granted the right to gay marriage? Would that solve it?

And the end of the article still makes the “ask no penetrating questions that aren’t approved by Jon Stewart” case that somehow… if we… just…tryyyy hard enough…

And declare CO2 a “Toxic substance” by the EPA (the goal of Rolling Stone’s beloved, liberal university activists)…

“We” will “swing” it back to normalcy.

Listen, I’m all for planting and remediating and permaculturing the world. But that’s not what this article is about. It’s fear-pornography, selling tickets to a game of collapse that’s already happening. And the useful idiot who wrote this heinous unthink piece is not even aware of the sabre tooth tiger in the room.

The nuclear industry has so scrubbed the minds of the idiots writing for Rolling Stone – that they’re not even allowed to MENTION it.

Liam Scheff is author of Official Stories, a reverse textbook to all the fibs you were taught in school; his current project and next book is “The Oil Alarm” all about the collapse we’re just beginning to soak up, coast to coast.



  1. I gave up on Rolling Stone decades ago.

    Thank you, though, for putting up this information. It sounds like a much more reasonable and sane explanation for what’s going on in the Pacific than the climate boogeyman. But…”global warming” will keep the so-called ‘lefties’ happy in their little storybook of how things work in the world.

  2. The entire cultural experience has become way too yin, just a big round empty circle. A lot of talk about nothing by a lot of fat people and fat minds filled with nothing.

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