Epiphanies! Official Stories Review

Thanks Trevor T. for this nice review! Epiphanies!!

“I can’t state enough how thrilled I am with this book! Mr. Scheff has dug massive tracts into the bedrock of many conventional “official stories” that we’ve been conditioned to unthinkingly believe. This book is a sumptuous combination of thought-provoking data and delightful, playful dialogue with the reader… it felt like Mr. Scheff sat down with me and started up a lively conversation on each topic. From doing my own research, many of the subjects were familiar to me and Mr. Scheff’s analysis simply reconfirmed my beliefs… but some of his findings were nothing short of revelation.

For example, entering into the chapter on Shakespeare, I must admit I was a little skeptical that he’d be able to find anything that could make me question the official story. With his methodical, affable and logical style, Mr. Scheff was able to argue that it would be impossible for the Shakespeare we’ve all been programmed to believe was the greatest writer in the English language to have created his body of work… practically out of thin air. I won’t give anything away, but suffice it say I have done my own digging and I now share Mr. Scheff’s viewpoint on the matter.

I believe even the most skeptical of you out there, at the very least, will be compelled to dig a little into topics held to be sacred. Open your mind and let Mr. Scheff take you on an entertaining, eye-opening, and hopefully epiphanic journey… you won’t be disappointed!” [Amazon]

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