Dear Conspiracy Mythicists

Biblical Flat Earth Genesis copy

Dear Conspiracy Mythicists,

(those of you who need no or almost no evidence to form a complete mythical history of the universe),

Did you know your two pet “theories,” Big Bang and Flat Earth, are both inventions of Christianity?

Big Bang is Biblical Genesis with some misunderstood “red shift” thrown in. It was invented by a priest in the 1920s. He was explicit in his desire to weld his two hobbies together.

Flat Earth is a few select lines of the Torah and Talmud (Old Testament), refabricated (barely) for the “Nibiru’s coming,” “the Annunaki shall return!” “conspiracy-myth” crowd.

Yup. You’re both Biblical true believers. In your own way.

From NASA to the Flat Earth Society….We’re getting recycled Biblical tales as “science.”

Big Bang Bible: |

Flat Earth Bible “Truthers”: 1. | 2.

For the rest of us: Space and the universe are Electrical and magnetic. See Chapter 9. Official Stories

How To Tell That You’re Dealing With A Conspiracy Mythicist

You are approached to consider a “new, shocking theory.” You listen to the argument, but have questions. You note, in some shock and anxiety, that the person describing their worldview states that all evidence against their idea is “fake, fraud, put there by Satan,” or “denialism.” You know you can raise no objection – without being called  a name. And somewhere inside, you know you’re dealing with people who cannot think and cannot reason.

• Ask a vaccine proponent to debate vaccines: you get a wall of insults.

• Ask an HIV believer to debate HIV tests: you get a wall of insults.

• Ask a Bible believer to debate the historical value of their book: you get a wall of evasion, denial, and finally, insults.

• Ask a ‘Big Bang’er to debate, and you’ll be told that they need more funding, that you’re not a “scientist,” that “maybe there are white holes and more black holes” that “could possibly explain” the failure of their model; and finally, you’ll be insulted.

• Ask a Flat Earther to debate, and you’ll be told that ANY evidence showing a round earth is faked, that you can’t trust your eyes, and finally, you’ll be insulted.

On the other hand, ask a sane person to consider any of these points of view, and they’ll say: What’s your evidence? What about the standard story? Can you explain it reasonably, testably? Can you build a model of what you’re describing that makes better sense than the current model?

But of course, there are no sane people left. Or precious few. So good luck.

If you insult them back – and you’ll be tempted – you’ll feel better in the moment, but it won’t really help. True believers to a FAITH don’t convert back to logic unless life forces them to.

In the meantime, have “faith” in what you can see, feel, touch, hear, reproducibly; have “faith” in your ability to ask the most important questions: ie,

where does our food and water come from, what are the toxins in our environment, how can we live sustainably locally, how do we heal from illness without poisoning ourselves.

These are the most important questions, because they come first in our ability to stay alive and enjoy our lives. And in truth, nothing else is as important.

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